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Advice on buying a used X from Tesla

We have been looking for a model X (We have a Model 3 over 2 years now) this would be a second larger car for eventual commute to work and occasional trips as the 3 is a bit cramped with 4 ppl and luggage.

Unless I am wrong after looking all over buying used from Tesla seems to be the best deal. The prices on the Tesla web seem to be very similar to the prices from any other car dealer or person. From what I see you have no doubt when buying direct from Tesla that you are getting the warranty. Seems when buying elsewhere you will get the balance of the factory warranty at best and there are a lot of scammers posting Tesla’s for sale.

I think based on my budget 60k ish a 2017 or newer would be the best option. Also a 75D seems the best value as the range is just slightly less but the price diff to a 90D or 100D if huge and out of budget. Besides the normal range is more than enough for work and on trips I am thinking what’s 20 or 30 miles of range at a supercharger is just a few min. Sure on a long trip there will be more charges overall resulting in more time but with kids you have to stop anyways so not a big deal to me.

Now there is the 0-60 I see some 2017 75D listed at 6 sec and others 4.9. Researching seems back then Tesla released an in-shop upgrade for only some 2017 X’s to get a boost to 4.9 sec. Now I wonder is it safe to assume that if Tesla has posted 6 sec this VIN cannot be upgraded or is that not a safe assumption. I researched but could not find the VIN cutoff for this upgrade. I do notice that the ones listed at 6 sec do have lower VINs but not sure if that means no upgrade possible. If anyone knows the VIN cutoff that would be great.

It is the wife that is 100% sold on the model X she just has to have winged doors. But I have also thought for 51K I can get a brand-new model Y and in NJ we have 5K rebate on new electric cars so that brings it to 46K for a brand-new car. But 20+ less cargo room and no wing doors and really an entirely different car from an X.

Looking for thoughts and advice from current model X owners and from anyone that has bought used off Tesla or elsewhere advice.



  • 3 years ago bought a used S best car ever well my daughter went through a a tough time so she and the 4 grandkids moved in with the wife and I needed something to haul us around. Got a used X last month 7 pass with full self drive tow package it's been fun seeing all the new stuff since my 2014 S with autopilot tho i do miss my S Love the X
  • Now I see the 2017 and some of the 2018 have the old MCU so several features will not work unless I pay $2500 to have it upgraded. Hmm new Y starting to look like the better option.
  • I think buying from Tesla isn’t ideal like in the past. They are trying to make you purchase new by making years like a 2018 more expensive than a superior 2019 Raven X’s being sold by private sellers. If you’re looking to buy I have a 2019 Performance Ludicrous (P100DL) Raven with 15K miles. It have every upgrade except 22inch rims. It’s a 5 seater and has white interior with carbon fiber decor. Has all the newest features MCU2, AP3, HW3, FSD and best of all it has V3 charging and chargers over 200kw (207kw at 28% is the highest I’ve seen but never use superchargers. Capable of 250kw. The Ravens have more range, about 20 more miles (305) and are almost as fast as a Pre Raven P100DL (2.6 sec 0-60mph). They have 60 more hp, capable of 614kw or over 800hp. Mine has done 605 kw (810 hp) at 90%, but I have only used the cheetah mode update once. They also have new adaptive suspension that you can control like a video game.
    I’m selling mine for $88K which is almost $10K less than a 2018 that Tesla is selling (Red one for $94K and 32K Miles). It has the same options as far a being a 5 seater and the AP3, FSD and HW3. Not sure if it has MCU2 but I know it can’t charge above 150kw. If interested lmk, I have Title in Hand and its in excellent condition, no accidents etc. Blue Metallic Exterior
  • I purchased a Used 2017 Model X in January and I love it. Definitely buy from Tesla. Tesla gives the new car warrantee of 4 yrs/50,000mi. And the remainder of the 8 yr battery warrantee, so a 3 yr old car gets 5 years on the battery. You buy online for $100 deposit. When delivered you have right of refusal if there is anything about the car you don't like and you only lose the $100. Tesla also stands behind their used cars. I discovered a bent 22" rim and they replaced it with a new rim and tire.
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