Model X

AC & Fan Issue

The A/C on my 2020 MX stops working every 15-20 miles or so, or about every 20 minutes, I have reset the AC every time in order for it to be working again.

When the problem happens, the fan blew less air than normal, at fan speed 11 (max) it feels like the fan was blowing at speed 4 or 5 (but the noise sounded like the fan was at speed 11), and I had to reset the AC manually. The range mode has never been turned on and the battery level has always been sufficient. The issue happens to dog mode as well but luckily we haven't left the car for too long when that happened.

If I leave my car in the garage over night and then turn on the AC it could work for at least an hour, but once I start driving the car, this issue would happen every 15-20 minutes....

I took delivery back in Mar. and started to experience this issue in late May (when it started to get hot), took the car back to the service center in Owings Mill, MD 4 times already and they always told me they couldn't replicate the concern, there's no problem, it's normal...

Does anyone has similar issues with the AC as well???


  • Yes - I started to run into this recently too. Slamming it into LO and controlling the fan manually seems to stop the compressor from turning off. Otherwise, it seems to trip off and not come back on periodically, without power cycling HVAC.

    This seems like an awful software bug. Or my compressor has problems.
  • Has anyone else run into this? I took a long trip (8 hours each way) and ran into this on the way home yesterday. The whole HVAC system seemed to get itself confused. At one point even though the fan was set to 11, there was hardly any air coming out of the front vents. This continued even if I manually selected the front vents. A soft reboot didn't really seem to fix this issue. Eventually turning the AC button off and on seemed to right things and I had cool air blowing out of the front vents again.

    This doesn't seem to reproduce for around-town driving - only extended trips. So frankly I'm dreading having to try and explain this to the service people who do tend to chalk everything up as normal. I'm kind of hoping a software update magically fixes this. Otherwise, maybe they can enable logging of some kind so that I can capture logs when it happens again - not sure if anyone here has done that before.
  • @gwsteele - Sounds like either the fan motor may be failing or there is some obstruction limiting the fan speed. I'm not sure logs will help, but worth a try. How old is your car? Does the rear HVAC work when the font is not (if you have the optional rear HVAC)?
  • I have similar issue which has not resolved. AC works sometimes but most of the time I am suffering. Fan blows hot air and driving in 103 degrees outside with windows open or stay in 118 degrees inside with windows closed. This car has been to shop and they gave me a lame excuse of excess refrigerant but software and hardware are fine. I seems the service department does not know the problem. On making a service appointment, there is 3 weeks wait time, which I did. Now I am suffering for the last week and thinking may be I got a lemon. I have not posted yet on Twitter but if they cannot correct the problem, I may have to go further. I think, made a mistake in buying Tesla.
  • Update: Bad evap sensor and overcharged AC unit we’re the diagnosed issues on my side. I think the first was probably the main issue. Side note, the rear unit also needs a new sensor because it isn’t blowing cold air. That’s on order. Just took a long trip yesterday and the front issue is fixed. I wonder if they got a bad batch or if I can expect this to happen again...
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