Tesla Model 2 for the masses Renault CV4 design.



  • INDIA.....
    In this exercise my concern was for an econo-car with a wheelbase and track same as a Model 3, not the half size car of the CV4. But, here's opportunity to contribute to the growth of the Indian economy as Ford's vehicles did with the Model T and Model A's providing jobs and income as a backbone to financial growth. This range of vehicles, on a lesser automated theme, produced in plants all over India, might be useful in that endeavor. 4 door 5 passenger, 2 door 3 passenger business coupe, 3 passenger pickup truck, 3 passenger convertible, 3 passenger stake truck, 3 passenger panel van, all good for go.
    1300 lbs down-scaled from the 2500 lbs U.S. models? Maybe?

    "Turtle Onward"
  • I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a Golf-sized Tesla. The id.3 has started to ship now. Not seen one, but I think it is around that size. I want it to succeed to grow the EV market, but I really like my Tesla.

    Electric bikes are having a big growth in sales following/during COVID and electric scooters are being legalised. In France they have an enclosed quadricycle that 14 year olds can drive.

    Future cities could have a good mix of electric bikes and small electric quadricycle/Smart car sized personal transport and then practical family cars from the size of the Zoe/id.3 up.
  • > @rxlawdude said:
    > > @andy_98490374 said:
    > > One of the challenges the car industry is facing is how to monetise maintenance and renewal ... if a car has continuous over the air updates, almost maintenance free motors and no switches, then how do you convince people to keep buying new models?
    > Improved hardware with future iteration of product seems pretty obvious.

    I’m sure they will try that, but it’s difficult to see how many improvements can be made once battery sizes and costs stabilise.

    With OTA updates, and few cabin fittings, Tesla have the potential to offer multiple innovative subscription models to monetise. They also don’t have a big bricks and mortar presence to fund.
  • A Motor-Brake? A combination of Disk Brake and Axial flux motor mounted inboard of the wheel?
    This would reduce overall weight and at the same time unsprung weight. With the leverage of the Axial Flux design most braking would be regen, with the disk pads doing not much work themselves. Heat from the minimal disk braking would drive a closed loop refrigerated system, which in the winter would heat the battery and cabin, while cooling the motor-brake. In summer would cool the brakes, the motor and the cabin. Rotor magnets on the outer disk, brake pads inner. Nonconductive metal between, like the hot pot that doesn’t heat the handle. Less range lost in the winter. More efficiency all year ‘round.
  • Regen handles 95% of braking needs already.
  • adding to what @andy_connor_e said: Heat created from the inefficiencies of regen go into the superbottle which is used to heat the cabin and batteries in winter.
  • For preconditioning as well(?)

    I’m also in the camp of rarely using the brakes. Only time is if lights start to change and I’m still close enough to stop safely with the brakes, but too near for regen braking.

    One of the best things about going EV in the (Mark 2) Leaf was the e-pedal. The change a few months ago to the Model 3 with regen braking is now a very similar experience and I really like it. The speed control with single pedal driving gives, in my view, far superior control to an ICE car where the car will largely coast when you lift your foot. Also starts to explain some of the poor driving you’d really out there where people don’t slow down (in my view).

    Regen makes it effortless to adjust speed in traffic and, especially, round cyclists. There are a number of reasons why I’m passionate about encouraging people to go EV, and for smaller day to day city cars to be widely available. Other than it being the inevitable future there’s the reduction in NOx and particulate pollution in cities, but I also think safety is another good reason - especially when full automation kicks in.
  • @andy_connor_e off topic, we are often in the same threads and I sometimes double take when I see replies to Andy. We also see other Andys and Andrews. Got round to taking the numbers off after the forum change. Thought about changing mine further at the same time to differentiate, but thought it best to stay similar to original. Good that the forum software keeps the handle with the posts after updates.
  • Add (eventually) to the Model T available body styles a sports roadster.
    Style, grace and speed. With the variable size and ease of config by
    software options of axial flux electric motors (patented in 1889 by Nikola Tesla
    roadsters are a natural addition to the body lines. Custom coach builders will
    add a new dimension to what one can purchase.
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