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Tesla Powerwall quote

So is the Tesla quote for Powerwalls installation accurate? Or is it a come on price, and will actually always cost more once the job is scoped out? My install should be pretty straight forward. Can I expect to pay what is quoted?


  • My purchase agreement was fully inclusive. It had line items for installation, gateway, taxes, was exactly what I paid. A lot of $0 line items, but the bottom line quote (provided 3 months prior to install) was exactly the amount I wrote a check for.
  • There was zero added on to my dual PW installation, as it was spelled out clearly in a *contract*. The check I wrote matched the quote exactly.

    As always, read the effing contract before signing it, and insure that every detail you want done (and how it's done) is included. One thing to look out for is conduit runs. Make sure the contract specifies how you want them run, to give the most aesthetically pleasing result. Otherwise, they might wrap your house in very ugly conduit, with little concern about how it looks.
  • Couldn't agree more with gregbrew. The first tsla crew came out and wanted to put 5 large subpanels on the FRONT of my house because they said it was closest/easiest to the Main panel. I wouldn't let them do it because my neighbors would have chased me out of the neighborhood and i'm pretty sure my town would have failed it during the post-inspection. After couple hours of discussion told them i would have to think about it. I called tsla back week later and had different crew come out. They said 'no problem' to putting the powerwalls and subpanels where it would be much more visually discrete yet accessible. They did a GREAT job but it took them 3 visits to complete. tsla still only charged me what they had quoted me even though the cable/conduit runs were now longer.
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