Alaska reservaton holders. Also those far from Service centers

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I have a reservation on a Model S. I live in the Wasilla Alaska area and was hoping to find other Alaskans that may also have reservations or are ordering a Tesla. If so can you post here or email me at [email protected]

Tesla has not yet come out with a service plan for those of us that are thousands of miles from the nearest service center (or even several hundreds). I have also read posts from other people who have either ordered one and are wondering the same as I about service or, they are holding off on ordering because of the distance and the dollar a mile. If enough people get a Tesla up here I am hoping I can go there and be trained to service them when the checks are due. I realize there will be little service required but, it will be needed. The nearest service center to Alaska is in Seattle and would be about 4000.00 dollars just for the travel.

I hope to hear from anyone who has thoughts or ideas on this subject.
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