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Tesla Reneging on Solar Referral Credit

Anyone else cracked the code on how to get Tesla to pay up on a promised referral credit?

Two years ago, I referred my neighbor. At the time, Tesla confirmed they saw the referral in their system, but said hey were undergoing some changes so payments would be delayed. I let it go a few months, called back and got the same answer. I did that a few times, same answer, no payment. After a while, the agents starting acting confused when I called. After checking the system, they said they would need to talk to disbursements and then get back to me. No call back. I went through this silliness every few weeks for about a half dozen times. NEVER ONCE HAS TESLA DONE WHAT IT PROMISED. I am pretty sure they can afford the $400 they owe me. I just cannot seem to get to anyone that cares and can do something about it.

Anyone have any suggestions or a similar experience?
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