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15 Year roof

Hello again,

So I was on youtube and it showed a video, where tesla told an interested party that they would need to fix there roof. Tesla then tried to bill them 30k to fix the roof. I just purchased this house and it states the roof is 15yrs old. The HOA department just told me they don't plan to update the roofing. Will this be an issue for tesla?
Would it be better to go with a different vendor? I really want that Tesla Powerwall.


  • It really depends on the specifics. You will find out pretty quick once you submit your deposit. If they say no - you get your deposit back.
  • At some point, any roofer/installer will need to look at the roof and make an evaluation. Since every house/condo is different, it's hard to access one persons issues with another. Let's say one roof has holes and has been leaking water for years. Likely there is major water damage and dry root. Entire beams may need replacing along with all the wood sheeting - a fairly major project that has zero to do with solar, other than no inspector is going to allow solar until the roof is fixed. Another house may have a perfect roof and zero repairs need to be done.

    Until you have someone evaluate your specific roof, it's all guesswork.

    While I had a solar roof installed, which replaces my old roof, they had some allowance for small repairs. I had one short beam that had dry rot that needed replacement and a few other minor things. They did not charge me any extra.

    Now another consideration is you have a good roof, install solar. Perhaps in 15 years, the roof needs replacement. Now you need to have the solar panels removed before the roof work, and re-installed after the roof is replaced. If you own the solar system, you can use anyone to do the work. If you get a system where someone else owns it, you'll have to deal with that company to do the removal/reinstall. I'd get a price for that work in the contract as they could charge a lot. It's actually more labor than the original install.
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