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how many panels

I currently have 26 (lg solar lg335n1c-v5 neon 2) 335 watt panels with iq7 inverters connected to a grid tied powerwall 2. Is there a maximum number of panels I can connect in this scenario? I am considering adding more panels and perhaps another powerwall 2. Thank you.


  • You'll have to check the inverters to see what the limit is. For example, your 26 panels can produce 8.7kW. If the Inverter is rated for 8.7 kW max, then no more panels can be added to that inverter. If it was rated for 10 kW, you could add 10-8.7 = 1.3kW or 1300/335 = 3.8 panels. You'll have to round down, so 3 panels could be added in this example. You can always add another inverter too, which might be the best solution.
  • There are some other factors too that I didn't cover, such as the maximum string voltage can't be exceeded. Anyway - this is just a way to get a rough idea. The solar installers should be able to do a complete analysis.
  • Tesla won't simply add panels to an existing system. They'll sell you an entirely new system, with its own inverter, and you'll have to go through the planning and city permitting process as well.

    Having an independent, non-Tesla affiliated company do work on your system will likely void your warranty.

    A third-party Tesla approved installer might be able to help you, though, without voiding Tesla's warranty.
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