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Shading Power Walls?

I just got the install done and due to space issues inside, the Power Walls are on the west side of the house catching afternoon sun. Does it make sense to erect something to shade the Power Walls? I assume heat is bad for them in several respects.

Thanks for thoughts.


  • My two PWs are on the West side of the house, and also get some afternoon sun. They're designed to live outside, and have a radiator with circulating coolant, to keep the batteries happy. Being white, helps reflect much of the heat, too.
  • Mine face 330 degrees (NNW) and get sun in the late afternoon for about an hour. Does not seem to affect the performance. I have also contemplated shade - if you do - make sure you have plenty of air circulation - much more critical than the sun exposure.
    I also have a neighbor whose PW was mounted true west. Direct blazing sun. It's a leased system, so Tesla is the party at risk and they didn't seem to worry about it.
  • Thanks! If I try to shade them, it will allow a lot of air flow. At the moment the hassle is getting the county inspector to sign off on the install. They are quibbling about whether the DC switch can be mounted over the power walls, though Tesla says they do it all the time.
  • I am a bit of a tinkerer - love to make stuff and play with technology. My plan is actually to get two inexpensive solar panels and mount them above the PW for direct shade...and connect a fan to them - powered only by sunlight. When the sun gets high enough - fan kicks on and actively cools the PW's. Overkill by a long shot but gives me a chance to kick around a new toy. Still on the concept and shopping phase - looking for the best combo of solar and fan.
    Waste of $$ when you get down to it, but this is all about toys. The guy with the most toys when he dies - wins. I'm competing.
  • I did something similar to cool my garage. Hooked three 100W 12V panels in parallel to an automotive radiator fan, and built a box under the roof eyebrow vent to hold it. Worked great, but was pulling hot air into the garage early in the day, too. So I added a 125Ah AGM battery, charge controller and thermal switch, so it only comes on when it's 85F up there, and turns off at 75F. That way, the battery charges in the morning, the fan comes on later, in the afternoon, and stays on (using the battery) much of the night to really cool things down in there.

    Tinkerers of the world unite!

    It's on!
  • You must be my long lost brother...
  • As Teal'c would say, in deadpan..."Indeed".
  • Oooh - I haven't' seen a Stargate quote in years - nice!
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