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I received a notification from Tesla that there is fire danger in my area, consequently The powerwall would start storing more energy. However it is night here and the app shows 3.3 kW flow from the solar panels to the Powerwall. what is going on?


  • Your solar obviously does not produce anything at night. Take a closer look and make sure it is not the grid to powerwall link that is active. If it truly shows solar activity at night - it suggests a setup error on the placement of the CT's on your system.
  • It definitely showed power flowing from the panels to the battery, unfortunately I can’t upload the photo I took. What are CTs? I am not well versed in the lingo...thank you for your response
  • I believe it stands for Current Transformer. It's a donut shaped magnet that comes in two halves - the halves are clipped together around each of the individual wires inside your circuit breaker panel. They each have small signal wires that lead back to the control unit. The magnet senses current and when properly calibrated, can actually measure the current passing thru the wire. There are several calibrated pairs that are installed to measure your grid, home and battery power flows. If they are connected to the wrong wires - they are sensing the wrong current. They can also be improperly mounted...they can be backwards such that they would sense current traveling the wrong direction. It's a pretty easy mistake to be made by someone not familiar with them. Not something you can rectify - the installer has to come out and fix it...depending on exactly the type of error that was made. Get a good clear screenshot of the "night time solar production" to send to your Tesla manager along with clarity on the time of day (or night) the image was captured. The guys who installed my SunPower panels were idiots - they took three separate visits to properly install them prior to my PowerWalls install. The Tesla guys laughed their asses off at the goofy mess the SunPower guys had made of the prior monitoring system. They didn't even bother to try and figure it out...a few snips of some signal wires and pervious monitoring system went in the garbage. Good riddance. The Tesla monitoring has been FAR superior.
  • Tesla likes to make sure we are covered when there are threats of power outages such as high winds. They put it on storm watch during those times so that our homes use power from the grid and reserve the battery for backup power. I've had mine on Newsum Watch, which means my settings are on 100% reserved for backup power.
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