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Horrible Experience so far with pending roof installation

Being in tech myself and knowing what high standards most companies hold themselves to these days in regards to quality of service and customer support, I'm shocked at the horrible experience that we've had so far with Tesla. We expected so much more. Its been disappointment after disappointment from our standpoint.

The original timeline for our project was Aug 3-14 th. We still do not have a finished or functional roof over our heads and the end is nowhere in site. Additionally, we have some major collateral damage on or around our house from the install.

1. Skylight : our skylight was not secured down and literally blew off of our roof during a storm and it flew 30 feet or more off into our backyard from 3 stories up (shattering the skylight and bending the frame). Additionally, it rained down in our home for two days until someone came by to put a tarp, soaking our hallway. The Skylight cannot be fixed and needs to be replaced. No replacement has been ordered and no timeline has been given. This has been several weeks of waiting with no answers.

2. Pool : We requested that the PM to come by our home to survey the property prior to the installation to verify that our pond and pool would be protected during the decommission process of the old roof (as our neighbors had a very bad experience with an incredible amount of debris that was distributed all over the property...including our pool and yard...but thats another story). The first crew put a plastic liner over the pool, but during a brief storm, it blew off and all of the roof debris that had not been cleaned went into our pool, including broken glass, metal shavings, screws, etc. Once glass gets into the water, there is no other recourse other than draining it completely to guarantee that nobody will ingest microscopic glass particles into their lungs (including our 3 children). No contractors have been processed nor scopes of work timelines have been given. We sit, waiting!

3. Nails/cracked boards on our eves : the 1st crew randomly drove screws threw our eves, cracking them and leaving the exposed screws visible and exposed to the elements. Its unsightly and very unprofessional. We're spending almost $60,000 dollars for this roof and we minimally expected that we'd not be regressing in regards to aesthetics and functionality. In addition, we also now have mismatched eves boards that havent been painted as well.

4. Roof not completed : lastly, we're over a month into the project and our roof still hasn't been completed. There have been piles of Tesla materials on our street for over a month now, blocking street parking for our neighbors and creating and incredibly unsightly work area. It has not only created a huge inconvenience for our family, but also for everyone that lives on our block. We have had huge ladders connected to our home for over a month as well and we still have an exposed roof as the tiles have not been completed. Of the tiles that have been installed, there are many that look like they're not clipped down (the edges stick up). I'm not sure what a $60,000 roof is supposed to look like....but I expected A LOT more, especially from a company like Tesla.

We have not seen our PM since prior to the crews coming onsite for the installation (basically we saw him once). This, to us, is very unprofessional and almost seems like Tesla is just trying to provide a quick cookie-cutter process to bang out projects....but dont really care about the quality of the product. Also, the communications that we've had so far with Tesla has been nothing but poor. We spend every day trying to chase down a new person so that maybe we might find some answers. We're very disappointed so far with the quality of product and support that we've received and honestly expected much more from such and established company.

....and the saga still continues with no end in site. Maybe this will spark someone to address our issues.

~Campos Family.


  • Where are you located>
  • This is terrible. Not sure what is going on with them. Are they overwhelmed right now? Or are they quitting on their solar roof product all together?

    Up until the beginning of Aug everything was good. The project manager would reply to me within a day every time I emailed her. Since the beginning of Aug, I have not heard from her! I've emailed and called several times. I was supposed to have a permit by Aug 11 at the latest....haven't got an update from Tesla yet as to what is taking so long. I was able to talk to the City, and they had told me they sent Tesla minor corrections on Aug 15, and haven't heard back from them.

    What City are you in? And keep us posted please!
  • I am sorry to hear you are having such a problem with your install of you Tesla Solar Glass Roof. From what I gather, much of your problems are wind and weather related and those items are covered in your home owners insurance policy. Have you contacted them about the wind and rain damage and filed a claim yet? Even when your home is being renovated, your home owners coverage protects you, after a deductible, and they will try to collect from any contractor that has shown neglect or maleficence including your deductible back. Most likely, they will just pay you per weather incident for what ever damage happened that day. Sounds like two separate incidents. Delays in construction, duo to weather, is just to be expected because the contractor did not order the weather. During this pandemic, we are lucky to get anything done so please be a little more understanding about the time tables that have been disrupted. You do not have to pay the other half until the inspection authority has signed you off and you know they have earned what you have paid so far.
  • Update 9-25-2020

    Tesla uses local sub contractors to do the old roof removal, any roofing repairs and put on the wood sheeting that they mount their panels on. Those contractors can be tied up on other jobs when Tesla says "jump" and they need time to finish up other roofs in progress. The estimates, that Tesla Give for possible extra costs you can expect are "Low Balled" possibly because they work out of Las Vegas, Nevada and look at the Nation wide average costs of putting on the topper or stripping an old roof. They gave me a price of $2,500.00 in possible extra costs for this but the actual extra costs for the roof topper and stripping the old roof have come to $8,004.00 so far and that does not include the repairs for dry rot under the eaves here in Union City, California as part of the greater San Francisco Bay Area were Labor and materials seem to cost more. You can get more answers, to your concerns, by calling the: Tesla Energy Operation inc. at 901 Page Avenue, Fremont, CA. 94538 that is on your contract tel: 888-765-2489 and they will listen and pass them up to the proper Manager. This is a Work in progress and they need your input to make a better product, provide better service and grow the Tesla Solar Glass Roof Brand.
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