Model X

Roof cover panel between the falcon wing doors

Driving down the highway when I heard a muted thump and the wind noise changed pitch. Upon arriving at my destination, I noticed the roof cover panel between the falcon wing doors was long gone. Anyone else have this problem? Could this be related to the rubber degeneration around the roof panels previously reported by a significant number of 2016 and newer model X owners. Tesla contends that it is only a cosmetic problem. I'm inclined to doubt that contention at this juncture.


  • All the rubber seals on top of the Falcon doors have been replaced on my 2016 X due to excessive damage, they were almost gone. With these seals damaged, excessive wind noise will occur and potential glass damage. Remember, the glass is glued to the frame...
  • That's exactly what I am experiencing with my 2016 and I am not surprised that the excessive damage to the seals is to blame for the loss of the cover panel. Would you mind telling me; did Tesla cover the replacement cost?
  • 2017 X and after 2 yrs replaced the glass panels on each FWD due to seals deteriorating completely (seals are part of the glass panel, only way to fix is replacing the glass - which advise was do in pairs as tint can be slightly different).

    New ones lasted 14 months now sticky/smearing and two visibly deteriorating again.

    Been advised Tesla has changed warranty policy & no longer will replace these seals under warranty as of earlier this year (2020) - they consider it excessive use of the vehicle (outside a lot my interpretation) regardless of mileage as mine has very little in 14 mos -- so customer has to pay $2200 parts/labor to replace the two windows in order to fix the seals on top of each FWD. Given the 14 month lifespan, this is beyond disappointing - somehow better/stiffer rubber is not in the cards but making under warranty customers pay $2200/year is the new acceptable policy ...
  • My 2018 X is just over 2 years. 31,000 miles. Garaged. Rubber around falcon wing door windows is starting to get soft. Rip. Tear. Smear on the glass. All just due to driving the car!
    Talked to a SC rep in Rocklin CA today who initially said is was a covered warranty item. He called back an hour later, said he'd talked to a service manager, who informed him that a directive had come down from "the top" that this was not a warranty item. I told him I was extremely disappointed. I would wait until I was closer to expiration of my factory warranty, get the two windows replaced and then sue Tesla for my costs.
    For a $100,000 car, still under warranty, garaged and pampered like my car is, this is crazy. It isn't my fault that Tesla didn't put adequate UV protection in those rubber seals. Or that they were so stupid to design the seal as an integral part of of the windows. Ugh.
    Don't get me wrong here. I love the car. Love the brand. Hate the customer service and their stupidity sometimes.
    I will tweet Elon, for what it's worth.
  • I’ve just replaced the three glass panels above the Falcon doors due to rubber seal deterioration. All under warranty. 2016 X. San Diego SC.
  • Passion2Fly - interesting. Did they acknowledge it was a warranty item or was it just listed as "good faith"?
  • @LTR
    Basic limited vehicle warranty.
  • I would strongly recommend applying some silicon grease around the rubber seals. It will protect them.
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