Model S

The last of the Tesla Killers...

Lucid pricing announced today. Base of 100k. I wonder what you get for all that money, besides no charging network. I guess we will see tomorrow at the reveal.

A little dissapointed it can't even compete with Taycan on price.


  • Lucid :

    Comeback? :

    Lucid needs to sigh up for the SC Network!
  • Watching the reveal now. Looks good, but hasn’t gotten past the aesthetic Design yet. It has the biggest tail light ever...
  • Biggest frunk too
  • Engineering info now. Over 1000 hp! 32 sensors, including Lidar, and driver monitoring system. 924 volt architecture- cars can charge the house or other Lucids. 3 years of free charging on EA network....
  • And it started on time, not "soon."
  • Well, it was all pre-recorded. Nice looking cars, but looks like the advances are all evolutionary, not revolutionary
  • > @barrykmd said:
    > And it started on time, not "soon."

    It did? The car has been promised for years now.
  • Q&A now. Lots of talk about how their battery advances will eventually make EVs more “accessible.” But there are already EVs selling for less than 5% of the price of this first Lucid.
  • I think they got a lot right. Still yet to be produced or tested, but they seem competent. The software is key, and there is no way to evaluate that until they start delivering. The optional executive rear seats may do well in China, but Tesla found sales to be very limited. I played with the configurator, and there is no indication of what options cost. Only 4 exterior colors seem very limited too.
  • I don't like the Model X-like windshield. I got an X loaner once and I found the glare from the sun about an hour before sunset (and a little after sunrise) above the sun visor very annoying. I want opaque up there. Also, no sunroof.

    Won't be in the running for my next car.
  • Unattractive; limited charging network; very expensive top of the line model. No thanks.
  • @TT, I agree. I like how they give credit to multiple leaders on their team. Hope they find enough customers - I don’t see myself taking that much of a risk the way I did for a Model S in 2012.

    It looks like a more ostentatiously luxurious Model S, not necessarily in a bad way, but not for me. All the gushing about materiality, and the gratuitous animation of the UI, felt a little Caddilacky to me.
  • I had a different experience and found the low roof of the S quite claustrophobic after driving the X for a while. I reached out to fold up the sun visor in the S only to realize it was the actual roof, not the sun-visor.
  • This car is straight out ugo. U.G.L.Y. you ain't got no alibi.

    The back looks like an even uglier Panamera.

    Hard. Pass.

    The only reason I would consider one is the executive seating, and even that is delayed until 2022.

    No level 4/5 FSD. No charging network. No way.
  • It is the lack of charging network.

    There is an option.

  • I think its nice. I can appreciate Lucid actually trying. You cannot beat Tesla by having a more expensive car that is inferior in all categories of performance and specs. Yes, its a bit pricey, but they all are. Going over the 500 mile range was a good move, you cant get a Tesla right now with that kind of range so they did it right.

    I am rooting for Lucid.
  • You can’t get a Lucid with that kind of range for another year.

    But you’ll be able to get a 500 mile Tesla starting September 22
  • haha good point. everytime the competition shows up Tesla they crush it like a few weeks later
  • If we consider that Lucid HAS a 500 miles car just based on the fact that it has been unveiled then Tesla does have a 600 miles car with faster 0-60 AND quarter mile.
  • You are all correct. By the time Lucid releases their car next year, Tesla will be at 500 miles most likely.
  • Wake me when they have an M3 version. Until then they're on borrowed time. And even if they do have one eventually, they'll still be years behind.
  • The only people who can afford a new Lucid are those invested in TSLA, so there's that...
  • > @Bighorn said:
    > The only people who can afford a new Lucid are those invested in TSLA, so there's that...
    I know one person who this doesn't apply to and he met you at a bagel store.
  • Are you familiar with "the exception that proves the rule?" :)

    When do we get a ride?
  • @BH LOL

    I don't care for the looks of the car, exterior or interior. I'm impressed with the attempt. Great specs for range and performance. Best of the competition I have seen so far, although, one should really wait until we see the actual production specs. Still much is unkown.

    Like so many others, the lack of charging infrastructure is a deal breaker for me. I don't want a car (er truck) for city driving and another for touring. Just one Cybertruck will do.

    Competition, real competition, is good. I wish them well.
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