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I have a few more months before I receive my Model S but was curious about getting the windows tinted. I talked to several Tesla staffers who provided mixed suggestions. One staffer told me I must be very careful when taking it to a window tinting shop as the Tesla is such a unique car they may not know how to properly pull the windows out. Another told me it is no different than any other car getting their windows tinted.

Has anyone had the windows tinted in their Model S? If so, how did it go? Has anyone heard anything specific from Tesla regarding the window tinting process?


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    "Pull the windows out"???

    When I got my Range Rover done they just eased back the strips along the bottom edge of the door as they slid the film into place. No "window pulling" necessary. I'm planning to get my front windows done by the same guy.
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    I've actually had it done both ways. Most high end places won't need to take the windows out. My Sig "should"arrive in the next week or so. I'll be getting the tint done right away. When I do my pricing that will be the FIRST question I ask.
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    Me too. Most professional window-tinting shops should never have to remove the window. As far as I can see, the Model S windows are no different than any other vehical on the market, thus it should be no problem for a professional.
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    Pulling Windows ????? WHAT ??? Have had window tint on numerous cars, window removal was NEVER required. To my knowledge our local tint shops are NOT! "High End" ?? operations. My current daily driver cost $164.00 to do all windows four years ago and the tint is still in excellent shape.

    Being in southern AZ. tint is not an option it is a requirement lol!!
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    I opted to NOT get the factory installed paint armor because of the visible line across the hood. I've got a silver S. Instead I had Protective Film Solutions (in Santa Ana, CA) install the 3M Clear Bra. They wrap the entire hood, front fenders, back side of mirros, bumper, headlights, fog lights, and front spoiler (but not the black nose cone) and it looks awesome. The film wraps all the way around the edges of the hood so there are no lines.

    I also had them install the 3M Crystalline window tint, which I highly recommend if you are at all concerned about UV protection and minimizing in cabin heat gain. It's about twice as expensive as a quality brand of normal tint, but I think it's well worth it. It's amazing how much cooler the cabin stays when the car is sitting in the direct sun!

    Here's the website:

    where you can check the specs on the tint performance and also find dealers/installers in your area if you are interested in the 3M products.
    Also, note that Protective Film Soutions has a shop in the Phoenix area and is opening a shop up in Los Angeles at the beginning of the year, so if you are in these areas I can recommend them. (They were completely wrapping a Rolls Royce Phantom when I was in there with my S....amazing what they can do with plastic film these days.)
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    what did you pay to get all that done?
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    If you have to ask ...
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    The 3M window tint price quote was $550.

    The Clear Bra (which I think is also a 3M product) quote was $1,495.

    The windshield film quote was $225.

    But these prices might be negotiable ;-)

    The 3M Crystalline window tint is apparently pretty expensive. it's 200-300 layers of nano-technology...whatever that means....$$$$, but it works. I was quoted $195 for just the window tint at another local place using SolarGard, which is supposed to be a quality tint, but I wanted minimal heat gain so I went with the 3M install.
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    thanks that helps
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    I'm in favor of 3M "Black Chrome" which is a metallic foil. Does this metallic foil prevents me from using my cell phone in the car?

    Also, when I pair my cell phone via Bluetooth with my car, do I still use the built-in antenna in my cell phone or does the car has an antenna somewhere which will be used to communicate with the wireless beacons?

    Where is the antenna of the cell phone built into the 17" touch screen?

    Thank you for your answers.
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    Just finished tinting my windows today using a super-high quality ceramic tint (professionally installed). My car almost looks like my fob now...LOL!

    Tiny warning... Because the rear window is at such a low flat angle, when you look through it at night (with a dark tint), the defrost wires tend to distort other vehicles headlights behind you. This doesn't really bother me, however, if you have never owned a car with a low almost horzontal rear window, you might want to make sure you will be ok with this, before doing it. Again, I am only seeing this with the dark tint I had installed, and it might not be a problem with the 3M crystalline tints.
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    TikiMan, if you don't sharing, what does this treatment cost? I am looking at the same tint, but haven't talked to any stops for a quote.
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    I paid $400.00 total (all windows tinted, except for the front windshield).
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    How long did it take for them to do all the windows?
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    @Michael Emrich, the Bluetooth connection is only to extend the controls and speaker from the phone - the phone is still doing all the work. The location of the antenna is irrelevant.
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    About three hours to complete.
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    Thanks, seems reasonable, too.
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    I had mine done as well last Friday using 3M Crystalline - cost was 2-3x regular tinting - I did front, sides and rear. I will eventually post a pic.
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    In Los Angeles I went here, they did a great job!!

    Sunshield Glass Tinting

    4704 Van Nuys Blvd.
    Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
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    Huper Optik is the gold standard for tint. It's heat rejection is astonishing. I have had it on previous Mercedes, Lexus, and BMW's. Forget all that nonsense about 3m Crystalline. The only place you can get in the Phoenix area is from Supreme Mobile Window Tinting, 602-550-8468. He did my Model S - $499 sides and back, $150 windshield, and JR comes to your home and does it there. He installed Huper for Mercedes for 24 years and does beautiful work. The product you want is Huper X Treme Performance Drei 35. He puts 70 on the windshield [Lower the number, darker the tint. 35 is the AZ legal limit].
  • Huper Optik is definitley the way to go! You pay for performance, not a name. No dyes to fade and take performance with it. 3M is deceptive. They tell you that their film blocks 97% of infrared. They do but its only between 900-1000nm. The entire ir spectrum is between 750-2500nm. Huper will block into the high 80's percentile of the ENTIRE spectrum.

    here is a durability comparison also:
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    Had photosync tinting done at Exterme Autowerks in Cerritos, CA. Great job. 3 1/2 hours. Around $1,000
  • Photosync is ok but its a coated film. Meaning that there is an Infrared rejecting Dye that most of the performance comes from. over time that dye will fade and the coating will dissipate, taking performance with it. Huper optik is a true ceramic. The composition of the film is different at the base. The add more ceramic layers to achieve the color that they want, and not a dye.
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    Any issues with electrical or radio interference with the Huper Optic Drei? Apparently it's a metallic tint vs. some of the other tints are ceramic. Trying to decide between this, 3m, or photo sync tints. Thanks.
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    The tint shop I've been using for the past 10 years is recommending photo sync to me for my car.
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