Model X

How much does it cost to replace a headlight

The light is working fine, just the cover was cracked, and it’s not from scratch or impact, I left my car at home for six month, and just got back, found the light cracked, and also the right falcon wing door top glass cracked as well!!! Can’t believe the quality of this car is so poor


  • Sounds perhaps the headlight was cracked due to impact. It's easy for someone to lightly back into your car in a parking lot with a plastic bumper and causes a stress crack. No other visible damage may appear. It could have happened before you parked the car and you just noticed it.

    Don't know about the glass - something like a rock may have dropped on it? Did you examine the glass before it was parked? Was it parked where damage might have occurred (i.e. outdoors?). If it was a manufacturing defect and it's in warranty, Tesla will replace either or both items, but be prepared that there are no defects and it will not be covered.

    The headlights on all cars today are crazy expensive. Expect something in the $1500 range for the part. I see you can buy used ones on eBay in the $150-600 range. Might be a good solution if you're a DIY type. The cheaper ones typically have minor damage due to an accident.
  • $1500 give or take. If it makes you feel better, a BMW headlight with all of the motorized lenses is about $7500.
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