Model X

Fastest AC Charging

What is the fastest any Tesla car can charge on an AC charger? Believing that AC charging is better than DC for battery life.


  • 80 Amps max on 208v 3 phase or 240 split phase with sufficient supply to prevent excessive line sag. This is only true with the older S which could be ordered with dual on board chargers and using the G1 HPWC.
  • So the newer cars can't charge as fast then. I believe my MX 2019 only does 17KwH charging at best on AC charger.
  • Upto what speeds can we say that AC charging is still good for the car when compared to DC?
  • New LR cars can AC charge at 48 amps/240V, or 11.5 kW. With Tesla, there doesn't appear to be any difference between AC and DC charging relative to battery life. This is due to Tesla's ability to control battery temperatures and taper power with higher power levels. Early non-Tesla EVs failed to do this and suffered shorter battery life.
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