Orlando service experience: Someone left a skate in trunk|Autopilot issue caused by service

Overall I'm satisfied with the service (windshield replacement). I'd give it 7 out of 10.
But there are some moments that made me frustrated:

1) In Orlando FL the single Tesla location requires to wait 3-4 weeks before the earliest possible appointment.

2) After dropping the car off there were another 3 business days waiting (dropped on Thursday morning, ready Monday afternoon). Windshield replacement should not take more than a day normally but we were told that due to high volume they had another queue at the shop and the car has to be brought on Thursday in order to be placed in the queue to be ready by Tuesday. So the car just seats there on the yard for a couple of days while I could be actually using it. And they didn't have a loaner vehicle for us. But at least they provided Uber credits which I'm thankful for.

3) Someone from Tesla left a SKATEBOARD in the trunk while in service. I picked up the car and didn't check the trunk because... why would I? I found it when I drove for groceries the same day. The first thought was that someone was using my car for personal purposes (especially considering that the car was at the service on weekend). The wheels of the skate were all covered in sand. I texted the service and they explained that they had another parking lot besides the one near the body shop to park cars after the service. And that their technician was using the skate to get there, then put it in the trunk and left behind after all. I don't know if this sounds ok and if this is a good excuse but I still have that bad feeling of suspicion.

4) After the windshield was replaced within the 1st week I got a problem with autopilot. It stopped working due to "camera alignment required". Texted the service and they checked logs (virtually) at the first place which took a day. Then when they didn't find anything they asked me to bring the car to the shop.

5) When I brought the car I was told to wait 30 mins because "the process is very quick". When 30 mins were over they told that camera needed to be replaced. I asked how long I should wait more because I couldn't wait long. I thought I would take an uber and come back when all is done without any rush from their side and wasting time from mine. Because I wanted all to be done well and didn't want to bring the car for the 3rd time. But they persuaded me it would only take 15mins more to the 1st 30mins. At the end it finally took an hour and a half which I was so frustrated about. I understand things may take longer to be fixed than estimated. But if a client says she can't wait longer than promised at the first place you need to take it seriously. Rather than dealing with unhappy client later.

6) The invoice for 2nd visit (autopilot concern) was $0 showing it's covered by warranty but it's not a warranty case, the camera was messed up while the windshield was being replaced means their fault. But it's fine since I don't pay anything. Spending my time though. And for some reason the invoice included tire pressure and thread depth check which I actually didn't complain about. If they really did tire check - this is even more weird because they made me wait for something I didn't ask for to be done.

So, for 2 visits I can tell the work done is good and rather fast, even if the 2nd visit was caused by some wrong manipulation at the 1st visit. A bit slow queue due to high volume. Staff is quite polite and nice in this location. I wish they paid more attention to what their clients say, kept them updated more often so they know what to expect. And didn't leave their personal belongings in the clients cars. By the way, I still have the skate. They said the technician would reach me - didn't happen within a week after 1st visit. And they didn't take at the 2nd visit. By the way I forgot to remind them about it.
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