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Strange error on web interface

My Gateway (v1) stopped working. Tesla claims that the issue is related to high voltage on my network ... but what I see is that if I open web interface, I log in, I see that it says network not connected ... (but I'm in ...) and if I try to edit network I have "Error: Unable to find ethernet service." Seems to be a software error, not hardware error :( Any idea? I'm not happy to pay 1500 € to change a simple board :(


  • "Network not connected" doesn't mean not connected to the TEG's WAP. There are three ways to connect the TEG to Tesla's servers, WiFi to the residence, Ethernet to the residence, or cell service to the nearest cell tower. It appears that the Tesla server isn't seeing a connection via any of them.

    If you're not using POE anywhere in the residence, the odds of "high voltage on your network" seems unlikely, if it was working fine before.

    Why would it cost you 1500 Euros? Isn't your system covered by a warranty?
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