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Battery fully uncharge after 3 weeks

Hello All,

As I have not been able to get feedback from Tesla so far to what happened, I will explain here the story and if someone can help or tell me where to go or where to write to have answers !
I went on holidays for 3 weeks and left my Tesla Model X in an garage underground , 2 level down with no internet connection or phone connection. I made sure all , but may I'm wrong, that all battery draining thing are Off, and cut power . No alarm, no battery heat,etc... I even checked before leaving the car , 2 days after, that the battery was draining 2 or 3 km per day. The Friday, I took so a picture at 446 kms, and Monday before leaving 3 weeks, I was at 435 kms. Please note I had no charger connected and/or standard power cord since the garage is not equip. So I leave for my 3 weeks vacations and on Monday morning take my car. First I did not notice that the car was at 0kms and car warning appeared after I started to be on the motorway. It was then 5 kms away that the car completly stopped and of course I could not get out as fas as the battery was fully off. I will not explain how long it took to get out since there was issues with the company who took the car . They fully discharge both batteries (12V and power battery) trying stupid things. Anyway in the same time we were trying to call Tesla service who never answered . Every 30 mn we were disconnect and both me and the other guy tried 2 times and during 2 hours of called I tried, never got through. Best was when I called the sales service and asked for help explaining the situation , they just told me to call the service!!! Even saying I could not get them and I needed help for the truck to pick the car, I never had a feedback.
So good for me , the guy was patient and we had to go through manuals to get finaly the car battery boosted and he could put it on his truck. After charging all went back to normal. Anyway , really poor service so and if someone can give me a complain email adress, I will for sure send something.
It took in total 7 hours to get the car at our office, the tesla garage never answered and we could not go there not knowing if they would accept or not the car.
I opened with the Tesla app a complain and had a appointment only 3 weeks after this issue!! good !!!
I had to send pictures and explained what happen and my appointement was cancel since I was told that my car has no problem, and it is the Tezlab App which has drain power during the 3 weeks because it was asking the car to wake up too often. Can someone explain me if this is true since the car had no possible connection with the outside world ? no wifi (disconned) and 4G/phone no service for sure (can't connect when at home)
What am I missing ? Is someone had that issue once ? What could have cause to loose 446 kms in 3 weeks ?
I'm happy with my car, but I want to know what happen and what mistake I made since I don't want to have again that problem!!! But for sure , I'm really unhappy with Tesla service, if I can talk about a service since so far, not able to call them or even get a call back.
thanks for any ideas , hope it will never happen to one of you !


  • It is a flaw with Tesla thinking. Three weeks is about max a car can be unplugged. They suck energy while sitting still even if you shut down the car completely and it does not sound like you did this. In my years of attempting to use that feature it would wake itself anyway. Best advice is to leave it plugged in and take a taxi to the airport or whatever.
  • Did you turn off sentry mode? anyway computer is always running. Specially when left in the place with no network coverage then it trains more as it tries to connect to network anyway and uses more power to search for signal. The problem is to leave it unplugged. If leaving car for longer always find some spot that you can plug in that will give just basic 1-2 miles per hour charge... even regular wall outlet. I wouldn't leave car unplugged for that long unplugged. I believe combination of lack of signal and constantly searching for it was the issue. It could be sentry mode checking cameras - doesn't say if you turn this one off or not.
  • Thanks for you thought , I did not think when car was not connect it would try to do it. There is no wall plug in our underground garage (appartment) so could not do it. Sentry mode was not on for sure. And I checked after 2 days how much power I lost and it was correct. But according then to what you say, that I would I lost 440 / 24 days so around 18.4 kms per day ? or is it because the main battery at some point have to charge the 12V battery ? For sure I will find an other solution next time, may leave my car at work as there is plugs there :smile: It is my first time I took 3 weeks, last time for 2 weeks off without plug, the car did not loose that much, only 100kms for 15 days. this is why also i was confident for the 24 days and never thought it could drain all power
  • it is excessive that's right but what was the temperature in the garage? Tesla also maintain battery temperature... was it hot that would trigger AC to turn on periodically? Running AC takes for me about 4-5 miles per hour 6-8 km. And yes the big battery pack constantly charges the 12V if needed.
  • The temperature was low, 15 to 17°C so really cool.
    I still have not heard back from Tesla as they have to come for something else. I'm really diseapointed with there service, for a car of that price ! Is there a complain email adress ?
  • Sounds normal at cold temps, it's going to heat the battery every so often when idle to protect it. If you had a cellular connection, you could have checked on it remotely and I'm fairly sure it would even send a notification when getting low. Actually a lot of new ICE cars can't go 3-4 weeks without being run or having the 12v charged. All the cool electronics we now depend on consume some power all the time.

    It sounds like you're in Europe, so I don't know who you attempted to call. In the US there is a number just for roadside service, separate from scheduled service. They generally answer fairly quickly, but that's the USA. I'm sure even here they get overloaded on occasion though. You can always use the contact link at the bottom of the site to complain too, but I'm doubtful it will do any good.

    Anyway, if you get into the car and it is close to zero, attempt to drive to the closest outlet and get some charge before assuming the car can go miles without any power. The warnings are usually very strong when power is low, so I'm not sure how you missed it.
  • Thanks for your feedback, yes, I'm in Europe. I did use the app to call them but here, it seems they ask you to call your insurrance for such a case . I learnt so I can't let the car 3 weeks without outlet, I'll have to put it somewhere else as our underground garage has no outlet. I will have to let my car at our office and ask some colleague to take care of it! I think I understand what you are saying, the car, even so you cut all and the internet connection is also off, it will at some point do something and will use all the power. Well good to know for anyone, it is true not a lot of people might do that.
    By the way, they never contacted me back, really poor service here compare to you in USA !
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