Model X

model x

so disappointed waited for delivery of model x over 3 months after being told 4 to 6 weeks
I called them to pick up my car today and only then did they tell me car was damaged in transport and needs body work
I had returned my previous car and am now carless
Told them that I would not pay 100K(which I already had transferred from my bank) for new car that needs body work
They offered me uber credits and told me that if i am not happy I can not take delivery-they already have my money
Any advice?
Shame on them


  • That is disappointing. I'd find out what kind of bodywork. If it something like a door out of alignment or a minor scratch, I'd consider getting it, but understand if you want a pristine car. If the damage was something larger, I'd pass. At least Tesla let you know about it. Most dealers would not. Also how long do they expect before delivery? If it's a few days or weeks make a big difference too and gives you an indication of the amount of work needed.

    That said, transit damage does occur in cars from time to time. The difference is with dealers the car comes in and they can usually fix up the damage before they put the car on the lot for sale.

    My boss ordered a custom MB and someone at the dealer scraped the entire side of the car a day before delivery with dents in some panels. They were in the process of fixing it without telling him. He knew it arrived, but they were giving him the runaround. He finally demanded to see the car. That's when he discovered the major damage they were hoping to fix and not tell him.
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