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Snow brakes for v3 solar roof in Northeast US?

Had to remove existing 5" k-style gutters for new drip edges to be properly installed over epdm cladding for solar roof (next phase of install next monday ... i hope). I'm considering replacing with 6" k-style to more effectively catch rain due to anticipated glass slickness and propensity for high velocity water to overshoot gutters. However it occured to me that 6" would be more prone to getting torn off by snow. 2/3 of roof is approx 42degree (11 pitch), 1/3 approx 30degree.

Does anyone have actual experience with v3 roof in snowy conditions? Does the glass tend to shed snow as it falls vs accumulate to significant depth, especially on a high pitch roof? If large sliding snow mass has been an issue did you install snow brakes or some other means to reduce gutter and landscaping damage from large sliding mass of snow off roof?


  • We never get snow, but I've walked on the roof several times. It's quite slippery - and my roof is low pitch - maybe 20 degrees. If wet, I wouldn't even attempt to get on the roof. The installers used tied in ropes the entire time they were on the roof.

    I bought special deck shoes to be more sure-footed the next time I'm on the roof. Anyway, I suspect snow will slide right off. There is very little friction as compared with asphalt or tile roofs. I had tiles before and never felt slippery.

    This is with the "rough" solar tiles currently in production. The smooth tiles, not yet in production would be super slick. I almost wonder if they can really be installed. I'd expect they would be very hard to walk on.
  • I would get snow and ice in Truckee, California at 7,000 foot elevation and on a 12-12 - 45 degree roof and the weight could pull shingles right off the roof. If you can use electrical heat tape, like used to wrap pipes, under the solar tiles to keep the ice from clinging, you might be able to not have tile pull offs but that needs to be installed with the wiring for the tiles in the two inch gap between the roof and the tiles. Ask your installer what is available to install in that gap to heat and loosen snow.
  • BetazedEd2020,

    Do you have a v3 roof?
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