Model 3

Black Screen

I have had my Model 3 for 1.5 years. Earlier today I went to run an errand, the car unlocked fine, but when I opened the door and got in the screen was completely black. I tried to do a soft and hard reboot, but nothing at all would come up on the screen after holding the scroll buttons and break pedal down for probably 20 seconds. I did notice that the power steering, lights and A/C worked, but nothing would come up on the screen. I'd never had this happen before. After trying everything to get the car to come alive, I finally gave up and had to take my ICE vehicle to run the errand. When I came back about an hour later I got in the car again, and it came alive just fine just as it always has before.

Has anyone else had this experience? If so, is this just a one-off aberration, or is this a symptom of something like the 12 volt battery going out? Anyone offer any comment or advice?


  • Black screen happened to us at least 5 times so far. I did reboot and that fixed it.
  • brake, not break - - duh!
  • It was odd - - I have had to reboot several times for various reasons, but this is the first time that I couldn't get the "T" logo to come up on the screen. It was like it was totally dead. I figured I was going to have to call the service center or road-side assistance to get it going again, and was a little surprised to see the screen come up as normal when I tried it an hour later. Oh well - - hopefully it won't happen again for another 1.5 years.
  • @rehutton777_98408662 I think you need to hold the buttons/brake until you see the big T and then release. I had a black rear camera screen after a recent update and that hard reboot fixed it. May take 30, 60, even 90 seconds, but it should work. If not, perhaps a more significant problem. Good Luck!
  • It happens to many. It’ll either come on by itself or reboot will do it.
  • I’ve had this happen twice, both times the day after software updates. Once I rebooted it did not recur.
  • I had this happen once and nothing I tried was helping, until I opened the door to get out which seemed to wake it up. Hasn't happened since.
    It's like it misses an event that causes power-on.
  • I had this happened to me, and later discovered that the 12V battery was near the end of it's lifespan. The 12V battery powers the CPU. The longer (or more frequent) it takes to reboot, the battery may be in need of service. Technically, you will get an alert stating that this battery has less than 20% of its life left and needs to be replaced. My battery went out PRIOR to the alerts. My LR3 would not start for 5 minutes, and when it did, a ton of service faults lit the screen detailing why my car was not drive able. Thankfully, it was not too late to get Tesla service on the phone. I was able to drive the car back the 2 miles (without lights) and had a service tech come to my residence 3 days later with a new battery.

    Tesla Service rocks!
  • This happened to me twice since installing 2020.32.3. HVAC and the drive unit worked , but no regen, audio, turn signals, etc. I happened to have the mobile tech here the day after the first incident for a bad door seal. He said to do the two button reset every week or so to clear the memory of random flotsam, just like a cell phone. It happened again a few days later, so much for that solution.
    I’m going to wait until after the next ota update before contacting service again.
  • Nov 28 I too have Black screen issues; it’s happened while driving and parked. Today my screen will not reboot with two button break pedal solution. I’ve used app to monitor speed but this Tesla should be addressed
  • @"s.spolen_98469673" : You do realize that Tesla doesn't monitor this forum? Have you contacted the service center through the app, or dinged the app for next day service?
    Do that, please, and _then_ report the response.
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