Model S

So Glad to have Bioweapon defense mode; Too bad I had to use it

With the family staying at home 24/7, I had found that one place for confidential video chats was inside whatever car was in the garage.

Yesterday, I used Feeling Lucky (a few times) to find a random destination and drove there, with Bioweapon defense mode on while the air outside was visibly smoky.

I could not exit the car due to terrible air quality but I could at least have a change of scenery for the video chat.


  • Love the clean air in the car. We do drive for many reasons and am very grateful to have Bio-hazard Defense mode(running all the time now). After 3 years we got it changed recently for the $250. It filters out cow smell also and probably diesel particulates that cause strokes and heart problems. Beats death or paralysis.
    With the new MCU2 we can catch up on Netflix while charging also. Only thing I miss is my Jura espresso machine☕. This is my complaint; this should be an option. 🤗
  • Just saw this posted on twitter; very reassuring.
  • Great article, never saw it before...
  • I don’t know why but after a few minutes with bio mode enabled I get more smoke smell than with it disabled. I figured it’s pulling more air through the Hepa filter. Don’t know.
  • @dsteal - Something is wrong. Did your car come with the Biodefense option? Perhaps the filter is missing or there is a major leak in the inlet system? When I've needed it, it has been impressive how well it works.

    We drove through miles of very thick smoke from a major fire that was at the edge of the freeway. We couldn't' see more than 15 feet forward going only 2-3 mph. We didn't smell a thing. We were close enough to see the flames - about 10 feet from our position in the slow lane. I was a little worried we were going to blister the car's paint, but luckily no harm.
  • Drove directly through smoke from major forest fire several years ago. BDM worked perfectly.
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