Solar Panels

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4.08 kW Solar Panels with 1 Powerwall or 2 Powerwalls

I have a house about 2K sq ft in Socal, I'm using avg 15kw per day. I know there is no SGIP funding now, and looks like we won't get installed until 2021. What do you guys think about 4.08 kw solar with 2 powerwalls? Also, does anyone noticed that Tesla reduced the solar and powerwall installation discount from $2,500 to $1,000? I haven't talked to anyone in Tesla, wish someone could help me here. God bless all of you. Stay safe!


  • Take a look at the thread "7.2kw Solar panels avg Production 35-42kwh per day". That should get you background data on how to calculate and what to expect in terms of performance.
  • Tesla recommends 1 powerwall for 4.08kw system... your solar production has to charge your powerwalls.
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