Model X

Payment Method Required?

I have free unlimited supercharging but recently when I am supercharging I get a msg on the display that says "Payment Method Required" although it still allows to charge without a CC on file. Just started seeing this after 10 months of ownership. Maybe a change after an update?


  • Saw the same thing at a destination charger, but for me it seems to be stuck with the same message ever since I charged there. Probably an update
  • Slightly different in the uk. Update payment info info box popped up with someone elses bank details in it and have message telling me supercharging unavailable. Called customer support told me wait time over 5 mins after 20 mins message changed to hold time 40 minutes. No humans answering phones in the UK!!!!!! No answer
  • I've picked up my Model X on Black Friday last year, so it is 9 months. After last update, it started showing up on my car as well. Just filed support ticket to see why? I'll update once i get answer back.
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