Model 3

Guess: Stock price close of Nasdaq 23 Sep 20, after Battery Day.

Only a few days now, how far wrong could you possibly be?


  • Oh....I can be very far wrong.

    $777 a share
  • And would you sell at that or hold long?
  • I guess the bigger question is if it will hold up
  • I like $777 too. Has a nice ring to it. While i would NOT sell my main block of shares since they are long term only. I did buy a few shares in prep for battery day. So, if things really rise i can sell those to pay for a new MY.
  • Confidence, all. Where is your confidence?
    Premarket is down 2%, yesterday the same after a few spectacular rises.
    We dont have many more sleeps until Battery Day.
    I bet @andy.e is already laying out his cheese and biscuits for the event.
    If we are going to reach $777, we need some decent returns real quick.
    Papafox said it might be good if we have a steady day or two before..
    Are we ready for the Big Bang?
  • You wouldn't believe it!
    Wife bought some TSLA today, at least put in an order, limit 450.
    (We have our own play money)
  • > @andy_connor_e said:
    > $911
  • I put in a sell order for a portion at $1000. I doubt it will hit, but that was a short-term buy on that drop a week or so ago intended for battery day gains.

    Given where it currently is, I expect $650 to be closer to the battery day impact.
  • I think the idea that it will reach $1000 again is highly likely.
  • Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s $1k by end of 2nd quarter 2021.
  • It's also possible it won't reach 1k until CyberTruck is getting delivered.
  • It wont be the subject of batteries which lifts the stock but the other successes and imminent disruptions.
    It is like, who cares about batteries.
    Who cares about power to the grid?
    Perhaps he will announce vehicle to house (reversible),
    a refresh of MS ,
    something subtle to hold Lucid,
    a new small Cybertruck maybe ,
    China design world mini car (MIC M2),
    solar/ battery powered village at Austin for staff.
    Biggest battery in the world (Ca),
    grid feed in in UK and Germany,
    solar powered coats for polar bears.
    Progress at Berlin, Austin.
    New Terafactory somewhere else.
    Mining rights,
    Nickel sourcing, Cobalt deletion.
    Purchase of Lithium supply chain.
    Price reduction for Powerwalls,
    price reduction for M3, MY.
    New paint tech for Europe.
    Front casting for MY. Castings for M3.
    Hatch for M3.
    Delivery schedules for CT, Semi.
    Not a lot, really, cant imagine why the stock would rise let alone hold. :)
  • $737 max, unless a VTOL is unveiled ;-)
  • I would imagine a solid battery day announcement is already priced into the stock at the ~$450 that it is at now. So, if they have a stellar battery day - gain to maybe $575. If they have a so-so battery day, that amount already priced in probably recedes a bit to around $425.
  • Since I've owned and been following TSLA for a few years, I've seen most good news Tesla releases followed by a stock price drop instead of what would make sense like an increase. I'll guess $390 on really good news...;-)
  • @jefjes

    That slight price drop following good news is just the rubber bands on the slingshot being pulled back...
  • @andy electric: are you gonna sleep tonight? lol.
  • yes battery day is not until tuesday
  • but if you didnt sleep tonite you could watch all of Simon Ng's youtube videos about ARK Invest and Tesla. That ought to kill about 6 hours...
  • or i could sleep for 7 hours, work for 8 hours
  • Q3 = 144K Deliveries? Maybe?
  • Probably alot more.
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