Model S

version 2020.36.3.1 installed does not show any new functionality whatsoever.

I just got the version 36.3.1 newly installed. Unfortunately, there seem to be no new functionalities at all but only bug fixes (that's what the release note is displaying). How is it possible? Am I missing something,? Should I do/configure something to make it work? Thks for your comments/help/feedback, JP


  • You must be new to Tesla. Get used to it.
  • Most releases are bug fix releases.
  • Probably fixed something specific to other model(s).

    You are all good. Don’t have to do anything.
  • Thks for your answers. Actually I am not new to Tesla (2 years already) but given the fact I was strongly looking for the new feature of speed signs recognition which was supposed to come with this release, I am disappointed by the situation. I checked thru other forums that some Model S in the same area are enjoying already this feature while I don't even though we seem to be running the same version!!! I am at a loss with Tesla about their software versioning which seems to be random :-)
  • You need HW3. If your S is 2 years old (like mine) you probably have HW 2.5.
  • spot on, I have HW2.5 !! It's a shame if they don't plan to support on such HW which is not that old. Or at least I hope we can get the hw upgrade (for free or charge, don't care too much as long as I can get it). Thanks for your answer :-)
  • You need HW3 and FSD. If you pay for FSD, the HW3 upgrade is "free".
  • @jacques - HW2.x just doesn't have enough power to process the detailed video and read signs. While HW2.x had the most powerful AP processor when it was made, the video for HW2.x is reduced to about 1/4 the resolution used in HW3.0. Now I suspect if they only process one video channel, they could get the resolution needed to read signs with HW2.x, but then most other safety features would have to go and AP would be useless.

    I'm sure we'd all love to get every new hardware feature for the life of the car for free, but I don't see it happening. It's sort of amazing we get lots of new software features for free, and Tesla often has hardware upgrades you can purchase to keep your car like new. No other carmakers do this. The car you buy is stuck in time.
  • Thank you all, your answers are of a great help to me. According to RAR, the good news is that I subscribed for FSD from day 1 so I just need to figure out how and when to get HW3. I really look forward to it...
  • @jacques - I suggest setting up a service appointment and state you need the FSD hardware upgrade. In many areas, they can do it at your home with mobile service. Since you already purchased FSD, the upgrade is free!
  • Alright, sounds easy. I just did it and a service appointment is set for next week, I can't wait. Thks for everything!
  • I have a soon-to-be 4-year-old Model S. Anyone know if it's possible to upgrade to HW3 without paying the full $5K for FSD?
  • @BeamMe - Sorry, I don't know any options to get HW3 without FSD or paying for FSD, unless you buy a new car. All new Teslas come with HW3 even if you don't buy FSD.
  • @BeamMe - While the FSD price was $5K four years ago, it is now $8K on a new Model S. There have been a couple of end-of-the-quarter deals for much less, it does not seem likely to me that you will be able to purchase the option now for as little as $5K with the functionality finally starting to be released.

    I upgraded from HW2.0 to HW 3 (and MCU1 to MCU2) recently, and the car is amazing.
  • @BeamMe - If your car has HW2 (built around October 2016 or later), and you purchased EAP, you can upgrade to FSD for $5,000 I think (see your app for the actual upgrade price), in which case you'll get the AP computer upgrade. If you have HW1, you can't get FSD or upgrade the AP computer.
  • I noticed that 36.1 now recognizes some speed limit signs.
  • Most updates are big fixes.
  • bug fixes?
  • just up dated mine and it has the corrected up date that should have been what the last up date had in it's release notes. have not driven it yet to see. but the suspension part was updated properly now.
  • @Bighorn pls see second reply. Stop giving @barrykmd extra ammo. 😂
  • @NKYTA
    Saw a lot of wordy responses and yours after I opined.
  • He doesn’t know the IT lingo.
  • Big is an IT term?
  • If you have to ask...
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