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MCU2 Upgrade with FM/XM radios

From our friends in Europe, it looks like Tesla plans to offer a secondary upgrade that replaces the analog tuner with a replacement digital FM or FM/XM radio. This may be available as soon as mid-October. We don't know the price or final availability. It seems the upgrade can be done with the MCU2 upgrade or after the upgrade. Here's my list of various radio options with the upgrade:

Hopefully, this will apply fleetwide. Note that there is no chance of getting AM radio, as Tesla has never made a digital AM radio module - they only made a digital FM module and an FM/XM module for North America. I'd expect the pricing may be cheaper if the two upgrades are done together, as it would save some labor. Hopefully, we'll know more in 4 weeks or so.


  • Finally, Tesla does what they should have done in the first place.
  • Last month we once again made our annual summer road trip from San Diego to central Oregon. The AM radio in our 2012 MS was instrumental in keeping up with the roadside broadcasts of road conditions and fire dangers along the I-5.
  • @stevenmaifert_12203 that is the exact scenario that I've been haranguing about the need for AM radios in all cars, until and unless the FCC announces AM being deprecated.
  • Excellent. I'll still wait until I need to upgrade to MCU2, seeing as how I'm getting a new daughterboard installed as we speak. Hopefully the prices of it comes down by then.
  • Bump. I'm quite surprised there's not been more - as in a lot of comments about TT's info reference the possibly of FM radio being available with MCU2. Where's all the folks that were ranting about how terrible or ridiculous losing the radio.

    Even if there were no reports of fireworks or pictures of back flips, I sure thought there would be more excitement.
  • Got a chance to use TuneIn. I don't think I really need AM/FM tuner.
  • Hmmm, Good.
  • For those of you that continue to advocate the downgrading of radios in exchange for Netflix, I submit the following:

    A perfect example of why removing the FM tuner (I concede that AM is a lost cause in Teslaland) as part of an "upgrade" is an oxymoron.
  • They mentioned being able to listen to the radio when power was out. That means a portable radio that you could use at home or in the car, right?
  • Potentially, @Tranz, but c'mon. Occam's Razor. The simplest solution (updating MCU retaining radio function) is the best solution.
  • Getting back to TuneIn, are you relegated to just the channels they have pre-selected or can you choose your own?
  • > @rxlawdude said:
    > Potentially, @Tranz, but c'mon. Occam's Razor. The simplest solution (updating MCU retaining radio function) is the best solution.

    They probably would have done it if they could have. They didn't have to offer current owners the ability to upgrade computers instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on a new car.
  • rxlaxdude, wow - all the folks in that town listening to that FM station all have Tesla's and Teslas with MCU1? How cool is that. A town full of Teslas.
  • @akiki, we in California with fires up and down the coast do not appreciate your sarcasm. Maybe we can make fun of Hawaii with the next volcanic eruption or hurricane.
  • I just read a post on TMC from a Netherlands thread. Looks like price of FM Restored Radio is 416 Euro with is about $495/500 USD. See post #157
  • Tune-In doesn't provide all of the local radio stations - plus there are usually blackouts of live sports broadcasts.

    If Tesla would add the SiriusXM streaming app, that would solve most of the problems, since XM streaming provides professional and major college live sports (professional sports usually have both home and away broadcasts).

    If the adding the radio to the upgrade would increase the cost by $500, that may be worth it...

    Though our MCU1/HW3 S seems to be running fine without the MCU2 - primarily missing the entertainment apps that can be used only while parked.
  • If it's just FM for $500, no thanks. I'll just use TuneIn when I decide to upgrade to MCU2.
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