May 1, 2021 Cybertruck Production?

Tesla recently presented its “Travis County Colorado River Project Partner Pre‐Qualification Presentation,” which included a rough timeframe for the upcoming Cybertruck and Semi factory. The presentation, which was posted on the website of the City of Austin and shared by Tesla Motors Club member hridge20, revealed that Giga Texas’ “First Dry-In” is set for December 30, 2020, and its “First Substantial Completion” is scheduled for May 1, 2021.

As noted in an Inspectapedia post, “dry-in” typically means that a building’s shell has been completed to a sufficient degree, allowing the facility and its interior to avoid damage from rain, wind, and other weather-related factors. At the dry-in stage, the installation of weather-sensitive materials and equipment could commence, which, in Tesla’s case, may refer to the Cybertruck’s production equipment.

“First Substantial Completion,” on the other hand, refers to the stage when a construction project is completed to a degree where it could be used for its intended purpose. With this in mind, it appears that Tesla is looking to have the installation of the Cybertruck’s production equipment done by May, allowing the company to start trial runs of the all-electric pickup truck before the end of the second quarter of 2021.


  • It seems Tesla has shifted the norm from overestimating to underestimating. Lately, they have exceeded all of their timelines except for FSD.
  • Tesla is just estimating to Travis County.

    I wouldn't believe it if Elon said it but I would also temper any expectations that this means volume production.

    Very excited to take delivery of a Cybertruck "soon."
  • I'm with SamO. This could be more like Tesla "soon" than soon. Yet, it is amazing how quickly them move. (Not just the vehicles, the construction! :) )
  • In the last year when it comes to production Tesla has exceeded estimates. I am confident they will start making cybertrucks end of next year on track with estimates. Especially if completion will be middle next year.
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