Model Y

What Tint Is Best

My local tint shop says ceramic is best but they also say it is not flexible enough for the MY roof line - any other opinions or suggestions ?


  • I went 20% on the front side windows and that was going to be it. The other day it was partly sunny and 77F outside and the MY got up to 100F in the interior. I’m gonna add maximum heat rejection/minimum darkness to the roof. I’m thinking about CTX 05
  • I had the MY tinted and they didn’t have a big enough piece to do the roof... I did ceramic on everything else.
  • They should use a single piece for the roof.
  • @phil4791eng_98746796 - The single piece at that size seems to be a problem - who makes a tint film in that size ?
  • I posted the link above. I told them I wanted one piece and they did some research. The auto shop said they didn’t have it in the shop but could order it.
  • As far as type of tinting, ceramic tint is the best. I have on my Model 3 Spectra Photosync 45% on all sides and didn't tint the top glass or the rear glass. I did tint the windshield with 65% which is basically a clear film but does reject a good amount of heat. On my son's car we just leased him (not a Tesla) we just had 3M Ceramic IR film installed. It looks great too and rejects a lot of heat here in South Florida. NO tint will keep your car cool in a very hot environment. The tint will help your car cool down quicker once you turn on the AC and also should help cut down on a lot of the sun/glare when driving. For the price, I really like the look of the 3M Ceramic IR film. It also takes on a greyish tone. I used to have 3M Crystalline on my old Lexus years ago and it's a bronzish tint which I wasn't too fond of. If you have a dealer near you that uses Spectra Photosync, it is an amazing tint ( a bit pricey but you get what you pay for with this brand).
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