Model S

Buying a used Tesla Model S

I think it is the one that was owned by @Nuts4MX from these forums. Should be arriving by the end of the week. Any advice is appreciated!


  • Don’t go crazy trying to figure out how much of your battery has degraded. There are so many factors involved such as how fast you drive how often do you recharge which upsets the calibration of the algorithm etc. Just use the car and enjoy it and don’t worry about the numbers. Get used to its rhythms. If it fits your lifestyle don’t charge beyond 80% and don’t let it go below 20%. This will ensure a long battery life. Remember heating the car in the winner can use up to 1/3 of the range that you see the car is telling you. Keep it clean take care of the suspension the way you would any other car because there is no difference in suspension and tires and just really enjoy it.
  • > @"Anthony J. Parisio" said:
    > Don’t go crazy trying to figure out how much of your battery has degraded.

    I love it. Don't go crazy is great advice in most situations! :) And you are right I was - especially after reading battery capacity reduced errors people were posting about...
  • It is the first biggest mistake that people make. There’s so many superchargers all over this country. When you go for a long trip even a small battery can still do it with the superchargers.
  • If you're not familiar with this yet, pressing both scroll wheels down on the steering wheel for a few seconds will reboot the screen. It tends to clear up any gremlins that may come up.
  • Advice...yes, buy used. Do as much homework as you can, like EV, the Tesla vids and self help sections, and of course the TeslaTap site...
  • @Aerodyne - Thanks for the call out :)

    I have a small section on links related to buying and selling Teslas that may help too:
  • Just a word of caution about the videos on Tesla's site. They may not apply to the car you are looking at. For example, the current Model S video is for the recent/current Model S's. If you are looking at a pre Spring 2016 Model S you may get confused.
  • That reminds me of the most important thing..RTM!
  • I've had my used 2016 Model S 70 for 1 year and love everything about it. I did buy it from Tesla
  • What advantages are there in buying a classic, = pre 16 MS?
    Prices here are indistinguishable, = terabucks.
  • Well, you can pop the nosecone off to get to 12V battery terminals easier.

    And you don't have to contend to that nasty new car smell.
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