Model Y

Slacker Radio w/ Premium Connectivity Login Credentials

We stupidly logged out of Slacker Radio (it was logged in using a t[bunch of digits] account) and now don’t have the login credentials to log back in. We have Premium Connectivity. Tesla chat support can’t help (still don’t understand why). Has anyone had this issue and do you know the login credentials (username and password)? Thanks for any help.


  • The credentials are unique to each car, so no one here can give them to you. I suspect the easiest is to open a service appointment and explain you need the slacker account and password. They should be able to send you the details and close out the appointment.
  • This is good to know for when I take delivery of mine. You'd think your Tesla account would have the login info...sheesh.
  • On the S there is an option to use the Tesla account somewhere on the login screen, nothing similar on the Y?
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