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Model 3 FSD - 2020.36.10 // Some issues: e.g. Adjusting Speedlimit; FSD should tend to the right

First of all, thanks for 2020.36.10 release. It works great, nevertheless I discovered some issues:
1. Adjusting speedlimit: having adjusted Autopilot FSD at 50 kmh within city limit and leaving the citylimit with speedlimit legally changed to 100kmh, autopilot does not adjust automatically to 100 kmh. AP keeps up with 55kmh and it has to be adjusted by tapping the limit digits on the screen to increase speed. On the other hand setting higher speed limits seem to work automatically with AP set to e.g. 100kmh by having tapped on the speedometer cluster. M3 slows down to 50 kmh and having passed city limit, speeds up to 100kmh as expected.
2. With AP active while driving on a two way country road (one lane per direction), seperated by interupted centerline, AP works perfectly and the M3 stays in its right lane even if the seperation line dissapear. Great! But sometimes AP even allows to engage on a two way country road with no center seperation lines. AP centers in the middle of that two way road. Oncoming traffic is in danger! Suggestion: AP should in any case tend to drive on the far right side (right hand traffic countries) of any road to avoid conflicts with oncoming traffic! Any chance to adjust AP?
Thanks Stefan


  • 1. My car adjusted to interstate speed limit of 65mph by itself today. It took a few moments after reading the posted speed limit sign, but upon merging to the interstate it bumped up the speed from 55mph by itself. I was on NoAP.

    2. Bighorn is always right 🙂
  • +1 @Bighorn

    I also prefer this behaviour. It’s easy to adjust upwards. I use the dial on the wheel on the current version, I’m not on the new release yet.

    Until speed detection is proved to be 100% accurate then I’d prefer to err on the side of caution and keep my licence, so I’m happy with this design.
  • I’ve experienced speed drops, but not increases at signage changes. I’ll have to recheck.
  • Road test
    No change. Speed still does not gap up in faster sections. 36.3.1
  • I have had the car adjust the speed up on occasion but it is not anything to count on. It doesn’t happen everywhere of course and is a bit of a surprise when it does. It seems to happen in an area when the limits go down from say, 55 to 45 to 35 then go back the other way. The other variable is it doesn’t work if the speed is manually adjusted when the transitions occur. (Thumb wheel or accelerator) At least that has been my observation in the past.
    Currently installing 36.10, will have to take the car out tomorrow and see if anything changes on my normal routes.
  • I have also seen it go 55 to 30 to 45, except 45 was not the actual speed limit. It was still 30 and a mapping error.

    I will test a stretch that goes 55 to 30 back to 55 to see if there’s an exception when you’ve started at a higher speed. I know that at the 30 to 55 transition, nothing happens if AP was initiated doing 30.
  • Are there notes on the screen after the 36.10 installation?
  • > @Pappi said:
    > Are there notes on the screen after the 36.10 installation?
  • There is now an option not to change lanes out of passing lane. Not sure if this is new.
  • M-A-B, those are the same notes from the previous release. So just bug fixes then?
  • But which bugs? That is the question!
  • I’ve got 36.3.10 ready to install, so I can check behavior before and after wrt speeding up.
  • > @Pappi said:
    > M-A-B, those are the same notes from the previous release. So just bug fixes then?

    I guess so, although I suspect there are a lot of behind the scenes improvements that they don't mention in these since they aren't "user facing."

    I didn't previously have these notes (don't know what version I had before 36.10)
  • Started 2020.36.10 from my phone. I glanced at my phone 15 minutes later to see the progress and it said the update was scheduled for today, 15 minutes in the past but it didn't start the install. I went to the car and it still showed the older version. Since I was in the car I hit the update button on the screen and it seems to be happy. Not sure if hitting the button on the phone would have done the same but just in case anyone else has the same issue, you can try it from the car.
  • Part I
    Set AP to 57 in a 55. Car slowed to 35 in a 30. Jumped to 45 in a phantom 40 area, unfortunately a school zone, but I was being speed limited to 30 by the car in front of me. Dropped to 35 in a 30. Then up to 57 in a 55 zone. So, it appears that the car will accelerate up to the max speed set prior to that. And will go 5 over in areas that would be permitted by your upper limit. I suspect had I started at 60 mph that's what I would have seen automatically in the final stretch.
    Downloading 36.3.10 now and will recheck to see if that level of functionality was hobbled per the OP. The jump to 45 in a 30 might prove challenging and I don't know if manually lowering the set speed would defeat the experiment.
  • Soooo... I just got my FSD and wondering if anyone can tell me if I need to take it in to service or I was just hilariously ripped off... At this point it does not come even close to delivering on the promise of on-ramp to off-ramp driving. It can seldom manage more than a minute or 2 before panicking, beeping me to take over, and switching off. It has no idea how to handle a right lane that exits the freeway or a lane that goes away and merges back into the freeway. If it has to change lanes, it goes about half-way... notices a car coming from behind, panics back into the original lane, beeps and switches off.

    As far as I can tell the only thing that FSD can do is exactly what regular autopilot can do: keep in lane and follow speed. Anything else in terms of self driving and navigating is maybe 50/50.

    The ad on the website talks about how relaxing it is to just casually monitor while it does the driving... HA! I'm all anxiety and terror waiting for it to do something stupid, get me into a bad position, and then hand over the controls to me when the cars around me are already beeping at the crazy shit it just did!

    Normal? Just total scam? Or see the service department?
  • Action class suit secured for sure.
  • > @"alex.vandyne_98700042" said:
    > Normal? Just total scam? Or see the service department?

    None of the above?
  • M-A-B, if you have TeslaFi, it’ll tell you all about your previous updates: Fleet—> Your software updates.
  • @alex, need a bit more information: what were your setting at under Nav on AP before you started your drive?
  • > @"alex.vandyne_98700042" said:

    > Normal? Just total scam? Or see the service department?

    Is asking for a refund an option? No use living with something so aggravating to the driver.
  • > @sdemps_98654110 said: Suggestion: AP should in any case tend to drive on the far right side (right hand traffic countries) of any road to avoid conflicts with oncoming traffic!"

    It needs intelligence to know when cars are in the other lane, shade to the shoulder. It tends to take the inside track putting the car at risk of a head-on with no margin for error.
  • Part II

    New FW 36.10

    Car still won't accelerate from a start of 30 to 55. Unchanged since day 1.

    Same route, 55 mph set to 59. Dropped to 35 at 30 mph sign. Upped to 45 in an area where speed limit data is absent. Dropped to 35 mph at the 30 sign. Went up to 59 at the 55 mph sign.

    So no change in any behavior noted with new firmware.
  • @Bighorn,
    Please try setting NoAP on a local road and merge to an Interstate. I noticed that the speed bumped up from 55 to 65mph without my intervention. I was on 2020.32.1 when I noticed this behavior.

    The local road speed limit was 50, and I pushed past the speed limit by 5mph with manual adjustment. The interstate posted speed limit was 65, and the car adjusted the speed limit to 65; the car did not take into account the +5 I have in my AP settings.
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