Model S

Be wary of buying if you don’t live near a service center

Live in Tulsa, OK with nearest service center in Dallas. When I purchased they stated that since it was less than 400 miles, Tesla would take care of transportation for warranty items. Now that it’s needed I learn that getting it back is on me - have been waiting for 6 1/2 hours to visit with someone at the service center to no avail...


  • Over 400 miles. I’ve managed nicely for over 7 years. Rangers can handle the bulk of service issues.
  • Had mine a year and half and was thrilled up to now. If I had known that I would be out 750-1k for warranty items, not sure I would have done it - not saying don’t buy, just be informed.

    I wish they would have suggested/recommended a Ranger.
  • What was your service issue(s)?
  • Received “low voltage- car inoperable “. Even though there was plenty of energy in the battery. Tried the reboot once, still had the message called roadside assistance. While waiting tried reboot again and error message went away and drove home. Tesla called me back and strongly recommended still sending in..
  • I had something similar...bad contactors would not allow 12V system to be charged.

    Although Tulsa may be a Tesla Desert, there are a few things you can do to help diagnose. Easiest thing is to insert a multimeter or usb charger with a voltage readout into the accessory plug. Anything less than 12.5 means the 12V batt is not being charged.
  • Not in Bighorn's boldness class (only 100 miles+ to service center for me). Had rangers out twice in 7 years. First time for old 12v battery problem: fixed on site. Second time for the charming grinding noise from headlight module others have also experienced. Ranger dx'd it in 20 seconds; took it in at leisure and had module replaced. Distance from service center therefore...not a problem.
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