Solar Panels

Dissapointing Tesla Solar Order Experience

Over the weekend I ordered an 8.16kW Solar Panel setup for my home and paid the $100.00. After going through sending pictures I was sent my design plan for approval. To my dismay they designed a 6.12kW system with a big green button to click to move forward. Not one thing was said about any problem with sizing (I have over 524sqf available). Feeling they were trying to bait and switch, I cancelled the order. Today I was notified by Matt V, that they needed to put a few panels on front of my roof but I didn't want that..... Nobody ever asked as I would have been all for it. Whoever designs these systems should have picked up the phone and said "hey there isn't room, can we put 2, 3 5 panels over the front?).

By communicating they would have saved the sale.
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