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Thinking of driving from Denver to Southern California. I know the charging stations are located on the screen but I was wondering if the car will automatically navigate me to the nearest charging station or will that be a manual process form me. If anyone has taken an extended trip can you give me some guidelines or advice on what you learned? Thanks in advance.


  • Enter where you ultimately want to go. It will route you to the correct charging station for the first leg. When you start up again, it will find the next one. Don't charge up any more than the planner suggests. The battery charges much faster at the bottom, so the strategy is splash-and-dash.
    With some practice you will learn whether you can skip to a further out station, saving still more time.
    Pretty seamless, IMHO
  • Not even half cross country.

    I’ve done it thrice coming and going.

    Not an issue.
  • This is a descent info tool: Not a trip planner but good info. I agree with other that heeding the Nav Map. Nav directly to a supercharger using the panel so your battery will be preconditioned before you get there for a bit faster charging stretch your legs a bit and turn car off to accelerate charging. Splash and Go + a few miles for comfort ie traffic, construction and citations.
  • Tons has been written over the years. One caveat I’d give. Yes, the car will map out your trip to all the superchargers en route. Be wary of long supercharger stops. Some legs are more ambitious than necessary and will force you to slow down to “make it.” Usually there is an intermediate charger that you can locate by touching he charger icon on the map. Not only will it make for more stress free driving, it will keep you from charging in the slow part of the charging taper above 80% battery charge(SOC).
  • While the route planner is great, you need to keep the following in mind. The route planner will list the least number of stops needed and my key point is, those stops may not line up with your bathroom or hungry needs. Also, while on route the red "pins" denoting where the superchargers are, disappear. The only way to see them is if you select the supercharger symbol on the screen. What I wish Tesla would do is amongst the route instructions list the superchargers that you would be passing and at approx. what time. This way you know what your options are. If the schedule charger stop is at 2:00 but you would be passing a charger at 12:30, you can select that charger so that you can stop to eat lunch and charge up.
  • @jordanrichard_629778 that would be a nice feature.
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