Model 3

Exterior door trim protection

Can anybody recommend a decent looking and not too expensive door protection kit for a 2018 Model 3 (blue)? I am looking to protect the doors from throwing them open into another car. I saw these but could not find any reviews for it:


  • Better door control will protect your door edges.
  • Now I know that person who trows his doors in to other people cars. Face palm.
  • Let me make sure that im understanding this correctly.

    You want to buy door trim protection for your car so that your doors dont get damaged when you open them into other peoples cars?

    Did i get that right?
  • "I am looking to protect the doors from throwing them open into another car."
    It's crystal clear what he said )))
  • throw*
  • Dont ever park near me
  • Hehe I will throw him to the ground )))
  • If he does that to my car ;)
  • I thought Tesla drivers would be more kind and helpful compared to owners of other makes. OF COURSE I am not asking this so that I can throw my door into someone else's car. I am asking this because I would like to protect the outer edges of my door for when I am parked in my garage at home. We have a double garage with the Model 3 and a Miata inside. It is narrow. On one side is the Miata, on the other side is the fridge. And you never know. So if someone has a serious suggestion on protective measures I can take, that would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  • @malbarda "I am looking to protect the doors from throwing them open into another car."
    Not what you said.
  • Well again, control your door when opening it. However with that said, for the fridge, adhere a thin piece of foam to the door where your car's door might hit it. As for the Miata side, I would perhaps if possible, suspend something movable from the ceiling that separates the two cars. Anything is better than ruining the lines of the car, like door edge guards.
  • Should be easy to control your door when opening it. The button is on the door handle and you can open the door while holding the handle with 1 hand unlike a typical car.
  • @malbarda I cant say anything about the kits, my last car came with them installed. But I will say on my previous car I have had a gust of wind suddenly push my door open after I had carefully opened it to the second position. You cant always keep your hand on the door while getting out so I understand your thoughts on a bit of extra protection.
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