Model S

Regenerative braking disengaged

I am on the San Francisco Bay Area. I was having a leisurely country drive downhill when I felt a jolt akin to downshifting in an ICE car, then my dashboard showed, “Regenerative Braking Disengaged. Deceleration decreased.” It lasted for about an hour until I got to a Supercharger on my way home. The RB was restored afterwards.

It was the first time I experienced my P85 without RB and it was not a bad experience. For one thing: the car rolled much further at all speeds on residual momentum than that in ICE cars that I drove, including Porsche Panamera 4S and Mercedes SL63.

Bringing my car in soon for servicing.


  • Long downhills can lead to reduced regen as the battery heats up or sees too much power returned, dependent on the SOC. Not unusual.
    The car is an incredible roller in neutral. Oftentimes, it feels like the car is actually accelerating on its own, on imperceptible slopes.
  • I probably do more long downhill (I-70 from Eisenhower tunnel to Denver almost weekly, 6000 ft vertical drop over 40 miles) driving than just about anyone on the forum. Certainly a lot more than possible in the SF Bay area.

    The only times I've had regen reduced are when the battery is cold or when the SOC is high. I've never seen that pop-up error message from a long downhill as the OP descrobes or Bighorn explains. All I see are the dashed yellow lines on the energy meter and the small triangle with the exclamation point. Sounds like some kind of glitch/bug to me.
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