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2014 Model S 60 full charge

I recently purchased a 2014 Model S 60 and am currently only getting 157 miles on 100% charge. That is about 75% of what the battery should be at for a full charge. On top of that, it does not get anywhere near that when driving. I know I was hitting the pedal pretty hard when I first purchased the vehicle, which definitely used a lot more energy, but now that I am trying to drive the vehicle more like my previous Prius, the miles remaining still drop pretty quickly. For instance, I had 132 miles of range before a 44 mile round trip drive yesterday. When I got home, I had 70 miles worth of charge remaining. It is about 30 minutes each way, so I checked my average consumption over the last 30 minutes of driving and it is 280wh/mile, which is below the rated 300.

Sorry, I know questions like this are always posted to the message board, but both my full charge and the amount of miles I am getting seem extremely low. Part of this may just be me getting used to not being able to go 500 miles on a tank like Booger the Prius, but I thought I would be able to get about 160 actual miles on a charge instead of what feels like 100 miles max.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


  • Seems pretty normal. What type of feedback are you looking for?
  • If the S is the original 60, then the rated is at 282 Wh/mi I believe. I have a 2013 S 60, and it does charge to about 190-195 without rebalancing the battery.
    If I rebalanced it’s might be higher by 4-5 miles.
    Rebalancing involves charging to full for may be 4-5 times so the software learns what the potential to fully charge actually is. Charging to full more than a few times will impact your battery life a bit, but not if you drive off soon after fully charging, to reduce state of charge.
  • New in 2014 the full range was 208 miles. You are correct that is 75%, but it isn't 75% of what "...the battery should be". All batteries lose range. I too have a 2014 but it is a 85 and I have only lost 8% range.

    Since as you said you recently got the car and you perhaps don't know how the previous owner's charging habits, there is something you should try to help establish what your 100% range is. Try rebalancing the battery pack to see if it increases your displayed 100% Rated miles. To do this, run the battery down to 10%, then charge up to 90%. It may take 2 times of doing this. The algorithms used to calculate your rated miles are based on the usage window of the battery. In other words, over time if one routine ran their battery down to just 75% and then charged back up to 90%, all the algorithms are "seeing" is a 15% window. This causes the algorithms to get a little wonky. So give that a try.
  • You mentioned above that you got 280 wh/miles over the previous 30 minutes of driving. Don't know if that was a glossed over mistake, but it is the preceding 30 MILES of driving. Rated miles is about 277 wh/miles, but you have 14 more miles of your trip to account for. It appears you got 41% less miles than rated on that trip. As others have noted you need to figure all factors - temperature, climate control usage - especially any usage while not moving, terrain, etc.
  • I agree with what others have written here. This comes up so often, I wrote an entire article on range here:

    It covers inaccuracies, battery degradation, lists items that will reduce and gain range, and a lot more. #1 is a range calibration is needed since you have no idea how the prior owner used the car. My guess is you're going to get some more miles back. These are just the indicated miles, and you have never lost the real battery capacity, although a 6-year old car will have some battery degradation. I hope you'll stop back here with your results.

    P.S. My first Tesla, a 2013 S60, I averaged over 4 years about 327 W/mi. This is higher than the EPA, but I had fun with the car - more important to me than trying to get the best mileage. There are some that like to hypermill and dramatically exceed the EPA.
  • > @"" said:

    > P.S. My first Tesla, a 2013 S60, I averaged over 4 years about 327 W/mi. This is higher than the EPA, but I had fun with the car - more important to me than trying to get the best mileage. There are some that like to hypermill and dramatically exceed the EPA.

    Thank you for the info. I am going to read your article right now. I appreciate all the feedback. I know this topic has been brought up 1,000 times in the past (and the responses have been pretty much the same), but I needed the validation! I just need to get past the range anxiety and trust the vehicle. I have been using the navigation system when I drive and it is always within 1% of what the estimated battery charge will be when I reach my destination. I have not plugged the vehicle in for the last three days and currently have a 37% remaining. It is finding that sweet spot of feeling comfortable with the charge i have while driving around town.

    Not gonna lie, putting that pedal to the floor and feeling the instant response is probably the most fun part of this car. My son calls it "bullet mode" and wants me to gun it every time one of his friends is with us. Can't wait to have that conversation with their parents. "No we weren't going 95mph on the highway...."
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