Tesla Mobile service tech is with the wrong company

The Tesla repair guy is here to fix my car (warranty). He came in a gas powered repair truck. While he’s working on my car he’s letting his gas truck idle the whole time. So, I asked him why he’s idling the truck while he’s working on my car. He tells me that he’s lunch is in a little refrigerator and he needs to keep the car running so his lunch will stay cold. This is no lie, it's literally occurring right now. I think I’m just going to kill myself now!


  • What is the problem?
  • @andy_connor_e Please tell me your kidding? Please!
  • Did you offer to put his lunch in your refrigerator so he could turn the car off or did you immediately flock to the forums to whine about a car idling? I hope you give the poor guy a tip so he can afford the down payment on his Cybertruck. Jeebus.
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