Model X

Phantom hard braking on autopilot

Hello fellow MX owners -

This issue does not seem to be a new problem with autopilot, but wanted to start a discussion amongst MX owners. I have a 2018 MX with software 2020.36.3.1. I've not had many issues with autopilot until about a month ago, and now with almost every drive with autopilot (daily), I get phantom, unprovoked, hard braking, usually during autolane changes, but also during driving straight.

This is somewhat concerning, as this is a safety issue. If someone is tailgating me, I would most certainly be involved in a rear end collision.

I spoke with Tesla Customer Support, and this has been reported. This was escalated, and I'm awaiting to hear back from the engineers.

Anyone have experience with this?



  • Yes - I have noticed the same issue over the last couple of weeks. I have just updated to the latest software release (2020.36.11) and I had the issue again this morning whilst driving on the motorway and overtaking a car on the inside lane. It’s a major safety issue - have contacted Tesla to arrange a service appt.
  • yes, I have the same issue everytime drive with AP
  • 100% in autopilot for seemingly no reason extremely hard breaking scaring us and extremely abrupt, this NEVER happened before a recent update 2020.32.3 and it is concerning about getting hit from behind. really hope tesla working on this matter. also, recent update wants vehicle on autopilot to pass in right lane, not okay driving that way; another weird glitch.
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