Leasing approval?

Hello all, first post on here. I have been looking to lease a model Y through tesla financial and I did just that. I ran my credit and everything was good but then it told me application conditionally approved. It was asking me to provide proof that I paid off my old car, so I submitted the proof. It then took me to proof of insurance and my estimated payment etc etc. I was under the assumption (and still am) that I got approved for the lease. But today in the mail I got a letter from 9/8 (after I showed them proof that I paid off my old car) that’s saying “they assessed my credit application and concluded that they cannot extend credit to me or they have offered me credit at less favorable terms than I requested.” It’s not telling me any details or what exactly this means but online I still have an active order, I still have a vin number and it’s saying that I owe money when it’s closer to delivery day. Any input would be much much appreciated. Thank you!


  • Don’t know what kind of input you’re looking for here. You need to contact Tesla if you want more information about their decision.
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