Model Y


I’m having problem connecting my phone to my model y. I used to be able to receive messages and calls but now it keeps saying I have to connect my Bluetooth even though I connected my phone through the app already. And for some reason on my bluetooth I don’t see my car’s name. I did reset my car and my phone already. I tried the forget my device too. Please help me with my concern. Thank you


  • @vanessa.rodeo_98741535 OK - I would first tell the Y to forget your phone and likewise your phone to forget the Y. Then from the owners manual pg 136 follow the steps. That has worked for me in multiple Teslas.
  • After update 2020.40.8 our Model 3 will connect with Bluetooth to only one of our phones. As soon as we try to connect the other, using the car's touchscreen, the car disconnects from the first one.
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