Tesla Battery per Dr Max

Dr Maximilian Holland over at Cleantechnica has written an excellent summary of what we can expect at Battery Day. He basically says that most of it is "hiding in plain sight" BUT folks have not thought thru the implications. I am impressed with this article. Goes into details about LFP batteries, Tabless electrodes, Project Roadrunner and more. Sure glad i bought more TSLA a few weeks ago! Here you go:


  • Theres 100 puzzle pieces out there. No one has been able to put them all together yet. I bet there are going to be a dozen moments of "Oh i see", where we knew things but did not understand completely the radical importance of them to the ultimate goal of batteries that are most likely going to be unveiled, that have the lowest cost to produce and simplest manufacturing process on the planet to achieve the orders of magnitude battery necessity for their future vehicles and energy business.

    Will a dry battery cell be involved? Im not sure, it would be lunacy to me to think that Maxwell would not play a role. Perhaps not today, maybe a couple years from now. But i am pretty confident that what Tesla needs right now is volume production at increasingly lower cost. I can see price reductions on all their vehicles coming.
  • Andy Connor - you make plenty of sense. There are LOTS of things in the works and there will probably be some surprises at Battery Day. And more surprises in the months and years after. And, yes, I was thinking that in addition to ramping up production of batteries and lowering battery costs, we will probably see price reductions in the various models as well. At least the ones using the new cheaper battery. I think i am going to retire from posting new topics on the forum. I see my senile brain forgot the word DAY in the title. And, i dont see any way to revise the title to correct it. I will leave creation of new items to you young folks!
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