Model 3

Resized frunk dimensions in newly built M3+

6 weeks prior to taking delivery of my M3 standard plus I ordered floor, trunk/frunk mats all matching black with red stitching (looks awesome). The floors came from TopFit and the trunk/frunk mats are from LoveTesla (on Amazon). On delivery day, 9/13/20, all mats fit perfectly except the frunk. I had seen a couple of forum postings about a possible frunk redesign. Sure enough, after a visit to the dealer today, they confirmed that the latest builds (not sure, but around mid-June) the frunk is slightly smaller. I notified LoveTesla (and other mat manufacturers should take note) they need to make two different sizes now as new Teslas will soon out-number older builds. (not sure if this also is true for the Y3).


  • Likely not true for Y (not sure what a Y3 is).
  • Sorry, meant Y.
  • The 3 changes are reportedly to accommodate components from Y; Y is likely stable for the time being.
  • Word is that a refresh of the M3 is coming that will have a heat pump up front, hence the frunk shape change. One fellow in North Dakota said he was told by an ordering specialist that if the fellow ordered the car, then it would come with that heat pump. Implying that the pump is rolling out shortly.
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