Service options? Delivery/loaners/etc

I'm not seeing anything that suggests this is offered, but it would be nice if Tesla offered a higher level of service (even at a cost) that would cover pickup/drop off of vehicle plus loaner for warranty work. I'm not as far as some people, but the nearest service center is a couple hour drive. Close to home, there are the typical dealerships and independent mechanics that are a quick trip for me, but Teslas are unique. I'm not worried about tire rotations and the like, I'm concerned about service appointments that require the car to be brought in.

I know in many cases, owners rarely need to take the car in. And some problems can be solved by mobile techs. I would hope that's the case for any owner. But after reading some of the stories from those that live at a distance, I'm not sure I'd be willing to sacrifice days off like this, even if they are the exception. In the end, I would think this would be a win-win; if Tesla loses money on it, that says something about their quality. If I lose money on it, it would be hard to complain about a car so well built that it didn't need to be brought in.


  • Not sure any other automaker offers mobile service. To me, it's far more convenient than taking an ICE car to the dealer. While I suppose not everything can be done by mobile, I'm surprised how much they can do as most tasks can be done by mobile. Even better, there is no charge for this service.

    I agree if you live hours from your point of service, I would also have some concern no matter the automaker. You have to decide if those rare visits are worth the value of a great car. We've got 6 Tesla service centers within 30 minutes, so service distance is not a concern around here. Still, they do mobile service for us near service centers too, which is sweet!
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