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Tesla needs Automotive Experienced Representatives

What a shame it is to have such an amazing brand being darken by such poor and inexperienced representatives. A car buying experience is an emotional purchase and should be a pleasant one, regardless of the price tag on the purchase.


  • The paradigm is changing. Cars can be bought from vending machines now.
  • What even happened are you taking sales or service???

    Sales is easy order online pickup at dealer or have delivered. Heck even other car companies are going to the online order to dealer model. Example Mach E order online pick the dealer it goes to done. Tesla is setting the new standards that others even old time big names are following.
  • Sure, its hit and miss. Like it has been every time I visited legacy dealerships. Somehow, I always seem to know more about the car I'm looking at than any employee there.
  • If the commercials are to be believed, Carvana is the fastest growing retailer in the country. Very similar sales model.
  • @"Magic 8 Ball" all good on many aspects. the negotiating hassle and time efficiency, but there is nothing better than having a well educated car person and customer service driven employee when dealing with irritating issues and thinking outside of the box instead of reading out the guidelines of process.

    so hear me out, I order this car couple of month ago all good. two weeks before the car arrives at the delivery location I get a text from Tesla to select my pickup date and time. Great. I selected the 19th Saturday as I travel for work and I am usually out of town during the week. Then the week of Monday 14th I get an email from a rep at the pick up location telling me that I need to pick up the car no later than the 17th and that they wont hold the car for me until the 19th my name will be removed from the order and the VIN will change. (at this point I already have my insurance added with this VIN, down payment and all set and done)

    after moving all of my meetings and scheduling around I told the rep FINE I'll go today and he put me down for a 5pm delivery the 14th. I have to call my other dealer to return my lease ( no problem - PORSCHE - great reps and customer service tells me come today no problem we take your lease return - same day with a water and a coffee sir)

    As I return my lease and begin my journey toward the Tesla store, I get a call from this same rep telling me that the Technicians found an "error" or problem with my car. Fucking ridiculous. No I have no old car or new car. All of a sudden re-scheduling my delivery for Saturday the 19th is no longer a problem. Should I give my money to this poor service oriented company? and a car with an error? I dont think so
  • I also had a "nightmare" buying experience. Drove over to Fremont to pick it up and after waiting a couple hrs we were told car had bad backup camera. Went home and called several times the next week to push for delivery since we were leaving on vacation and would be away for a while (I got a bit stressed but not too bad). I had better and worse experiences with Toyota, Nissan, and Ford.

    Tesla has been drinking from a firehose with their growth and it is not unusual to get inexperienced folks at the front end. Sorry you got a bum experience but they are not all like that. Despite internet horror stories the cars sell as fast as they make them for good reason. They are awesome cars.
  • @007bondMI6 I am a fan of the evolution of the retail efficiency and process, it can save time and stress with hustling or negotiating a purchase, I get that. I've worked in the luxury automotive industry for over 18 years now, I was never a fan of the "old school" car sales men mentality. However, this is not a Macbook purchase, it's a service and for many a necessity to which deserves the proper experienced to be handled. Not college kids. Hell I waited tables at fancy restaurants before I ever entered the luxury car world.
  • I am really struggling to connect the dots here.

    How does a more experienced sales person mean that your new car will not have any mechanical issues?
  • @Joshan Accommodating and having a consumer or customer satisfied with a big investment. First If I was pushing for a rushed delivery to move my Tesla of the floor I would make sure the PDI "pre delivery inspection" is 100% green before calling a customer to rush them to pick up a car. Second, allowing 48hrs to a customer who is spending this kind of money to come by on the weekend to take delivery of his brand new car (even more so, if it was the date that Tesla originally gave him the OK) and third, Maybe providing a loaner car for the few days that the same customer will be riding around on an Uber (or covering for those Uber fees) This are things that I did when I was selling similar luxury cars. Customer satisfaction goes beyond what a great product you have
  • Mr_Ros I actually had a similar exp picking up my car. Just before pickup I was told it was not charging correctly and I could not pick it up. But I was sent to Enterprise where I picked up a rental that was billed to Tesla.

    But if you don't want the car you ordered I bet if you cancel you will make someone very happy. Someone that ordered your same config and gets that wonderful call that they can get their car much earlier than expected.

    Reality is this type of issue can happen on any car from any maker. It is really best that the problem was found before delivery as mien was. It is not convenient I now but it happens not just with Tesla's.

    The other thing I keep noticing is as you say "it's a service and for many a necessity to which deserves the proper experienced to be handled. Not college kids." as I get older I keep thinking this more and more. But seems they do hire the best that they can find unfortunately they tend to be much younger then we are and lack experience. This is not something I notice just at Tesla but all over. Example technicians that come to repair this or that just are not what they use to be years ago. They don't have the same experience so this is moving its way into everything not just at Tesla.
  • I agree fully with better representatives. I have been pulled in so many different directions trying to get this solar roof going. No consistency, everyone knows something different. Feels like a time warner cable catastrophe all over again.
  • Dang kids don’t know what they are doing. What is the world coming to? 😎
  • @Mr_Ros Thanks for clarifying and not being snotty. I agree with everything you said in the last post. You should have been given a loaner or rental, but not sure where the breakdown happened. There was a problem for sure, just not ready to blame the delivery specialist without knowing if they had the ability to give you a loaner or rental.
  • Tesla needs to prep and validate their cars before scheduling with a customer and they need more storage space so a car can be kept at the delivery center until a customer can pick it up. You weren't treated well; however, your delivery day is only ONE day out of the life of the car. It's not the most consequential. You'll love the Tesla and will never go back to gas.

    If it makes you feel any better, when I bought my prior vehicle (a Chevy Bolt), the dealer didn't even bother to inflate the tires.
  • The new car buyer doesn’t make a decision in the showroom, they make it on the internet. Yes some people are still looking for the old way, I don’t believe Tesla plans to sell to them.
  • The car isn't even in the delivery center when they schedule the pickup, let alone inspected.
  • Our purchase experience in 2014 with our S was top notch, in 2018 with the 3 it was pretty pathetic. The only person I’ve ever spoken with that has anything close to even basic knowledge of the cars is my mobile service guy. He is awesome, the rest have been clueless. When we ordered our 3 summer 2018 ordered a “stealth” Tesla contacted me later and said they were no longer available and would not ever be (not true). Then Tesla told me the P couldn’t fit 18” rims (also not true). Then when we settled on the LR AWD due to wanting 18” not 20” told me they couldn’t sell me extra aero rims (also also not true). After we paid so they would ship the car to AK they told for the next month the car was traveling through Canada while it sat for 3 weeks at the Seattle service center (again not true, cars ship up here on a barge, not road through Canada). Now there is a lot more info on the forums but when we were first adopters relayed more on Tesla.

    I think the biggest problem for lack of expertise is in pretty sure they don’t pay close to what top car salesmen make. I sold Porsche in undergrad and weekends professional school. Back in the mid 1990’s made $5-10k a month working 6-8 days a month. Top salesmen at big high unit dealers (like Toyota) can make $300-500k+
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