Tesla Mini Cars

Would it be a good idea for Tesla to release mini versions of its models

For example model 3 mini, model Y mini, cyber mini etc

For example take the model 3 and shrink all dimensions of everything in the car by 15%

A 3D product reduced in size 15% in every dimension = nearly 40% reduction in mass/cost etc

A model 3 mini could cost just $23,000 and have a 33KWh pack yet retain a 250 mile range so getting > 7.5 miles per kWh

Humans adults come in all shapes and sizes from 45kg to 450kg and a mass market car maker could have different sized models one for short and average people (the mini model) and the standard version for tall or fa...big boned people

Also for info Google says average adult weight in Asia (which has >10x the population of USA) is 130 pounds and for the USA 180 pound so the average Asian is about 30% smaller than the average American

Also one day if Tesla has a ride sharing app like Uber, it can ask for a person's height and store that information. Probably for 80% of the population the mini models would be fine and be much more energy efficient than standard sized models

The main aim being a 40% reduction in volume will hopefully translate to roughly a 40% reduction in cost and a $23,000 model 3 mini is far more affordable than a $38,000 standard M3 so those who can't afford the standard size can buy the mini one. Plus they would be cheaper to run as the car wold be more energy efficient so lower electricity and tire and insurance costs


  • Isn't BMW doing this already.
    Series from 1 to 8 with each size little bigger as they go up in number. Audi does it too but without as many models. And Mercedes does it using letters for models and numbers for engine size.
  • Good thoughts Kaya. Some of us prefer a smaller size, rather than high center of gravity pickups that are too dangerous for highway speeds and consume more of the Earth's resources than necessary.
    Remember this day started as BATTERY AND POWER TRAIN DAY.
    Everyone has forgotten that there are other components in a vehicle than the battery. For instance there would be a 25 percent increase in potential range with an Axial Flux Motor right off the bat. Don't hear much about that. These motors are way cheaper to produce and have a torque curve similar to ICE vehicles, which should please the noxious fume crowd. Hopefully Elon Musk will announce the purchase of an advanced manufacturer/designer of these wonderful motors such as Magnax.
    Easter Egg wish list: in addition to the current sound choices for the external pedestrian alert noise, I'd like to see the sounds of a V8
    ranging from 800 to 6000 rpm matching the vehicles speed and
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