Model 3

VIN Assignment?

I placed an order on my Model 3 on August 18th. I received a text message a few days ago saying the car would be here in 2-3 weeks. I'm waiting for the VIN right now so I can secure insurance but I'm having a hard time figuring out when it will actually come. Any help or a timeframe it came in with you guys?


  • Not sure if the process has changed since I bought mine in 2018, but I contacted my delivery advisor and they had the VIN. I think it only showed up on the site a few days before delivery though.

    If you currently have a car with insurance, you probably don't have to do anything though... most car insurance will cover a new car for a few days (you'd wanna check your insurance policy to be sure though).
  • If I were you, I would call first thing tomorrow. I was in the same situation and if I had waited on them, I'd probably still not have my VIN :smile:
  • Perhaps this will help:

    1) Received notification of M3 delivery 9/10/20. Set up pick up for 9/23.
    2) No VIN listed on account - just RN
    3) Texted sales rep that day. He texted VIN back
    4) Noted yesterday (9/16) that account listed RN & VIN. It could have been listed on the account a few days earlier.
  • In addition, we were expecting to receive VIN prior to notification of delivery. Sales Rep implied that we would get the VIN once Tesla had started building the car.
  • Just got notification of delivery expected and able to pick up by the 30th. Went to my order page and saw VIN was listed. Maybe you’re looking in the wrong spot? Or maybe it just varies on when they add it?
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