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Hello All,

I have owned my '16 MX for a bit now and needless to say it's our family car so I opted to not get an audio upgrade. However, my wife just recently got her model 3 with every bell and whistle and now the old, very novice audiophile is missing a better sound system. Does anyone here have any recommendations? I am really looking for something that wouldn't have a large impact on my cars range and I'm not opposed to adding a small amp and sub if the range will not suffer. I would love to have my existing system upgraded to something comparable to the current high fidelity system offered or better. I live in the Dallas, TX area where Reus doesn't exist and I am not sure if the upgrade offered by light harmonic is still in the same ballpark given its age.

Thanks in advance


  • First what music source do you use? For example, not much will help AM radio :) You might try a USB drive loaded with non-lossy music, perhaps in FLAC format.

    A sub-woofer might be a good place to start, along with a reasonably sized class-D amp - perhaps 300W. It will not affect the range at all and is not a risk to the 12v system. The trick is finding a place for the subwoofer. Here's the project I did for my first S that didn't have a sub: It may give you some ideas for your X.
  • Thanks for the reply TelsaTap. I have decent size library of FLAC formatted music files but for the most part, streaming from my phone via the bluetooth is taking over my life. I will definitely look into your suggestions and I would probably opt to have the sub installed in the storage area of the truck, it seems like the only place to make sense.
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